Spooky Board Games: Zombie Fluxx

You know, sometimes, old maid just doesn’t cut the deck. Go fish rarely has enough bite to it. Poker never involves a red-hot fireplace instrument. Fluxx, however, can pretty go in just about any direction you want it to. There’s a game for Star Trek enthusiasts, Hippies, Monty Python, Cthulhu (may he waken soon, Iah! Iah! Cthulhu fhtagn.) There’s a Fluxx for everyone…even…




Zombies? That’s right. Flesh-eating monsters stalking the world in re-animated corpses, primarily feasting on brains and the occasional intestine, the most love-able creatures on earth have got their own Fluxx game.


For those of you innocents who have not gotten the chance to enjoy a good round of Fluxx, this one is absolutely fantastic to start with. The basic rules are ‘draw a card, play a card’. From there, you can play a goal, which gives everyone an idea of how they can win the game. The goal can be changed. You can play weapons/keepers, zombies/creepers have to be on the table when you get them, and you can even play rule cards. It can get pretty wild when you’ve got a ‘draw 5, play all’ card, or when the son of a bitch sitting next to you decides to change the goal right when you’re about to win…but the worst card of all, the one card that can turn a five minute game into a five hour game when you’re not careful…is Larry. When anyone changes the goal, he shifts clockwise. And so the pain usually begins.


Screw you, Larry!

Screw you, Larry!


This game taught me the meaning of expensive card decks, it also taught me the meaning of friendship, and now I truly understand what jerks my friends are. But hey, it’s pretty fun! If you want to learn more about the wonderful world of fluxx, check out http://www.looneylabs.com for their whole line of cards. I’ve got my eyes on ‘Are You a Werewolf’ at the moment, but I’ll probably never go to a party without this one.


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    Maybe if we can keep zombies amused they won’t want to dine on us so much!

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