Horror Flick of the Week: Waxwork

As I’m sure you’re all aware, anything crafted to look like a human being is creepy. Anything crafted to look like a human being that actually comes pretty close is really creepy. Anything crafted to look like a human being that comes to life and actually sucks you into another dimension, then effectively murders you and entraps your soul in a similar form…well, that one is great for a film plot.




Forgiving the quality of the trailer, the dvd and vhs are a little better. There are so many movies out there with wax museums as the main focus of the horror, but this is the only one I’m aware of where it’s not just people being murdered and having their bodies hidden in the figures…it’s people being sucked into the world’s of the creatures, and turning into wax sculptures if they die there. It’s a delicious piece of 80s camp I could watch a hundred times or more, and probably have, now that I think about it.

It starts with a man being murdered and robbed, to the tune of some classic swing, and from there the adventure begins. Mark, played by the amazingly awesome Zach Galligan, also known as the defeater of the gremlin army, having an intimate breakfast with his mother. Maybe it’s just the length of the table and the obnoxious centerpiece talking, but I gather they aren’t too close…

Then we meet Mark’s ex-girlfriend, China, who to put it bluntly…is a bit promiscuous. She’s chatting it up with the good girl Sarah, when suddenly…

This place appears out of nowhere, then-

OH GOD, IT’S DAVID WARNER! This isn’t good…especially not when he invites them to come to his waxwork that night…

The low budget is a given, and there are very minor outdoor moments with some shaky camera-work…but only really if you’re looking. My point being I’m not here to pick at the bad bits, only talk about the awesome ones. This movie…is the good side of 80s camp. The sequel is also pretty epic, too. In fact, I’d advise you to watch both. Seriously, they’re absolutely amazing. Here, I’ll throw in some extra pictures for you, just in case the point hasn’t been driven home yet…


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