Vintage Comics: Haunted Thrills – Nightmare Mansion, Horror Hour (Cover-14)

Halloween is sadly over, but the spirit of Horror lives on, ready to strike again next year. That isn’t relevant to this post, but I figured it was worth saying. And now for the beginning of yet another vintage comic. This one is called ‘Haunted Thrills’, and the issue features some interesting stories. Whereas the last comic had a lot of words, this one seems to make very brisk connections from one event to the next. What I do appreciate about these stories, though, is that the panels are quite dynamic. They aren’t just squares, but varying shapes, making one page look quite different from another. The first story is about a good cop and a bad house, as well as the importance of proper housekeeping. The second is about a mysterious murder, and a confusing investigation…


page807 page809 page810 page811 page812 page813 page814

page815 page816 page817 page818 page819 page820 page821 page822


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