Vintage Comics – Haunted Thrills: The Strange Bell of Obani, Music and Mayhem, Monsters for Rent (15-end)

Wrapping up this shorter vintage comic issue, we’ve got 3 stories today. The first story is about strange bells quite the opposite of the pleasant jingling ones on Santa’s sleigh.


It’s December, you didn’t think I’d fit in a Christmas reference? Anyway, the second story is a strange mystery about a ghost…and murder. Thunder clap. Thunder clap.


The final story was actually one of the more original little tales I’ve seen. A couple tries to boost tourism through means of a mechanical monster, but things don’t go quite as they planned. I actually found this last story genuinely creepy.


page823 page824 page825 page826 page827 page828 page829 page830 page832 page833 page834 page835 page836 page837


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