Vintage Comics – Adventures Into Darkness, Issue 5: Death Follows Orders, The Phantom Hounds of Castle Eyne, and The Chimes of Doom (Pg 10 – Pg. 17)

Is it just me, or does the girl in the first page of the story look rather like she’s advertising something? The way she poses and smiles…it’s a bit staged. The first story today deals with an incredibly common theme in the 40s and 50s horror comics, namely evil Nazis coming back from the dead in some way. It wasn’t a unique theme in dead snow, for those of you who may not have read a few of these. One of these days I’ll post the ‘Hitler’s Head’ comic, I swear I will.

Though the stories may have awkward wording in this comic, I will say that I love the colors. I also love the sheer amount of action packed into the panels.


Adventures Into Darkness # 5012 Adventures Into Darkness # 5013 Adventures Into Darkness # 5014 Adventures Into Darkness # 5015 Adventures Into Darkness # 5016 Adventures Into Darkness # 5017 Adventures Into Darkness # 5018 Adventures Into Darkness # 5019


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