Hallow-Holics Podcast, Ep. 6: Ghoul’s Night Out

A quick note before we launch into this week’s episode. When you are recording something, always remember that the most essential element is actively hitting the record button. Just…you know…keep that in mind.

Episode 6: Ghoul’s Night Out, has been archived on Youtube.

Unfortunately Chris wasn’t feeling well, but we like to make our crab-apples into bobbing roulette anyway, so this episode is all about girly things for the Halloween season. Julianne and I also discuss Hocus Pocus, Troll 2, and a lot of very random off-topic memories. Directly below you’ll find some excellent make-up tutorials I found on youtube for those of you who might be interested in dressing up as any of the witches or Billy. And the following links are to the two costume sites we discuss at the beginning of the episode.

First Link
Second Link



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