Vintage Comics – Beware, Issue. 1: Rebirth, The Horrible Offering (Cover – 15)

Starting an an extra cartoonish horror comic this week, I rather enjoy the little stories in Beware. Much less wordy than your traditional fare, and quite simple. Rather like little urban legends being put to paper. The first story seems to have a bit of everything in it, making it a surprisingly entertaining jaunt. You’ve got to feel a little sorry for the poor old man though, being converted to a weird marshmallow sea creature by his own relatives. With family like this, who needs enemies?


Beware_13_01 Beware_13_03 Beware_13_04 Beware_13_05 Beware_13_06 Beware_13_07 Beware_13_08 Beware_13_09 Beware_13_10 Beware_13_11 Beware_13_12 Beware_13_13 Beware_13_14 Beware_13_15 Beware_13_16 Beware_13_17


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