Trick or Treat Safely

Tomorrow not only marks my grandmother’s birthday, but also that wonderful time of the year celebrating all that is horrific and spooky. Yes, my friends, tomorrow is finally…Halloween. It’s also a Friday, which could mean much more traffic and safety issues for those of you with little ones Trick -or-Treating. So the following list has been composed from CDC advice and a few other sources (as well as personal experience) so what should be a fun night doesn’t turn bad.



1. If you aren’t walking your children door-to-door, try to at least keep them safely in sight from your vehicle or otherwise.

2. Bring the kids in before it gets too dark. If you decide it’s still safe to continue the candy crusade when the sun goes down, at least make sure there are proper reflectors on both costume and goody bucket. Bright orange and glow-in-the dark tape can be useful for this. Fridays are drinking days, and if you combine that with one of the biggest party nights of the year, you can’t be too cautious.

3. A flashlight can be both fun for a child, and serve as an extra way for them to make drivers aware of their presence when crossing the street.



4. If possible, pick a well-lit neighborhood for Trick-or-Treating. These places are usually much safer.

5. Remind your kids that if they don’t know the person handing out their candy, they should stay safely outside on the doorstep or porch.

6. Make sure costumes aren’t too baggy or loose.



7. Don’t drink and drive. Don’t ever do this, no matter what night it is. Even if you don’t have kids or family, it’s very selfish to endanger the lives of others just so you can have a buzz on the way home.

8. Most residential areas in the US require a max speed of 30 MPH when driving through them. On Halloween, be careful to drive slower. There is usually much higher pedestrian traffic, and kids can be unpredictable about their own safety crossing the street.


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