A Short Video: The Seamstress

Hello kiddies! Today I decided to feature a short film for you all to enjoy tucked under the covers when the lights go out. This one really hits home for me, seeing as my mom used to be a costumer (and even as a Theatre teacher, often finds herself sewing into the wee hours of the morning so her actors will have pretty clothes onstage.)

After a few short questions with the director, here’s what he had to say: “This project only took 2 weeks from getting the idea I was going to make a short, to publication online. That’s including coming up with the story, writing, casting, location, props, crew, shooting, editing, then post sound mixing. That’s a pretty intense schedule for a no-budget short. I’ve done 48 hour film festivals before, and this almost as challenging. On those, I only shot. This one, I was a writer, producer, director, editor and shooter. That’s a lot of hats to wear! I ended up spending about $300 total on food, props, and sfx make-up. Our actress actually spent 4 hours in makeup for shots of her face and scalp skinned off, and we never even used it! It just didn’t fit well in the final edit. The final scene was just much stronger without it!

This was directed, shot, and edited by Tyler Mann, And if you’re an enthusiastic supporter of independent film, or if you enjoyed this one, please go ahead and like it on Youtube.


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