Vintage Comics: Horrific, Issue #1: Hangman’s Holiday & The Refugee From a Locked Cabin (Cover – Pg. 15 )

A pretty short-running series in the early 50s, horrific has some intriguing art, and even more intriguing elements pointing out exactly the sort of thing that made horror comics so devious that parents had to protect their children from being polluted with such evils. For instance…evidence of psychological imbalances…in a child! The first story, Hangman’s Holiday, reminds me an awful lot of the first episode of Tales From the Crypt, a series that saw it’s birth in the comic format as well, released around the same period as Horrific. Our second story touches on one of my favorite subjects…revenge from beyond the crave. Honestly, this is some of the higher quality vintage horror I’ve read, and though not absolutely original (there’s no such thing as a unique story), it has the right amount of…viciousness…to make you grip at your sheets when the lights go down at night.

Horrific 001 pg 01

Horrific 001 pg 03

Horrific 001 pg 04

Horrific 001 pg 05

Horrific 001 pg 06

Horrific 001 pg 07

Horrific 001 pg 08

Horrific 001 pg 09

Horrific 001 pg 10

Horrific 001 pg 11

Horrific 001 pg 12

Horrific 001 pg 13

Horrific 001 pg 14

Horrific 001 pg 15

Horrific 001 pg 16 Horrific 001 pg 17


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