Vintage Comics: Horrific, Issue #1: The Ghost’s Last Laugh, Iron Doom, The Dancer of Death (Pg. 18 – End)

Finishing up the rest of this issue, Horrific appears to be surprisingly short compared to other series issues I’ve posted. I’d like to start this entry by saying something I think will be on everyone’s minds after reading these pages. Pennypacker is the greatest surname ever created. Also, I wonder if the Ghost’s Last Laugh partially inspired Neil Jordan when he wrote the screenplay for High Spirits? I actually really liked this one, and in fact would go so far as to say it’s just about my favorite written story from any of the comics I posted so far, in it’s charming little way. Any time bureaucracy and economics are brought in to deal with the supernatural, it’s always worth a good laugh. A lot of these stories, such as Iron Death, also really make me long for the days of horror when spooky castles were employed more regularly. Do you hear me, Hollywood? Bring back the cobwebs and the stone ruins, the iron maidens and the tortured souls. Because there are only so many vintage comics left for me to post!

Horrific 001 pg 18 Horrific 001 pg 19 Horrific 001 pg 20 Horrific 001 pg 21 Horrific 001 pg 22 Horrific 001 pg 23 Horrific 001 pg 24 Horrific 001 pg 25 Horrific 001 pg 26 Horrific 001 pg 27 Horrific 001 pg 28 Horrific 001 pg 29 Horrific 001 pg 30 Horrific 001 pg 31 Horrific 001 pg 32

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