Horror Flick of the Week: Witchboard (1986)


Just saw ‘It Follows’ last night, and will probably mentioning that particular movie when we get around to our next podcast episode (which we will get to), but in the middle of watching It Follows…for some reason, I was reminded of Witchboard. At first I thought ‘well…can’t feature that movie. I’m pretty sure I already have.’ Browsing through the archives…I realized, to my utter shock and horror…that I haven’t. So here it is, my selected horror flick of the week…WITCHBOARD!

From what I have read, at their premiere release of Witchboard, audience members were given a glow-in-the dark Ouija board to take home with them. I am not sure if that is true, as the source I read this on years ago is unconfirmed, but I’d like to imagine they did something campy and fun like that. To match the campy and fun atmosphere the movie itself has.

Sometimes I get grumpy when a movie has nothing but jump scares. As a horror nerd, of course you’d expect this elitist view from me…expecting plot and character development, atmosphere, and actual thought. But when I just want to have fun, I do enjoy a movie packed with stupid jump scares. Witchboard is just that kind of movie, though sometimes the music does make your neck hairs rise a bit. There’s even a legitimately surprising death scene or two. Witchboard was clearly not a victim of micro-budget, because the cinematography holds up. It was only a victim of the 1980s, and in my mind…that’s one of the reasons it’s so charming.

If you’re looking for a movie to watch with friends, Witchboard is perfect, and the story line is pretty simple: girl meets boy, boy turns out to not really be boy, man hires psychic to talk to boy who isn’t a boy, girl finds ring in sink, girl gets possessed by non-boy boy….etcetera etcetera. Be sure to watch it with the lights off, though, and minimal talking. You’re sure to get a little bit scared of picking up your next Ouija board.


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