Vintage Comics – Adventures Into Darkness, Issue 6: The Return of the Thunderbird, The Strange Cats of Killough Heath, The Phantom Horseman (Pg 23-End)

It’s time once more for vintage comics day, and with this entry I’m winding up the end of yet another issue. The first story kind of threw me off, with the somewhat predictable dialogue and the Native American curse coming out of nowhere, but I’d love to see someone try to turn it into a short film as a tribute to old (poorly-made) B movies. The second one is fantastic…combining cats, skeleton knights, revenge, madness, an old Irish castle…needless to say, I really enjoyed it.

Page_23 Page_24 Page_25 Page_26 Page_27 Page_28 Page_29 Page_30 Page_31 Page_32 Page_33


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