Book(s) of the Week: Parasyte series


This is not just one book. It is a stunning 10-volume manga series with incredibly surreal monsters and a beautiful exploration of a protagonist ultimately discovering exactly what makes him human. A lot of manga unfortunately falls short of Parasyte in many ways. I’m not saying there aren’t a lot of other incredible series out there, but…Parasyte is unique. Because it doesn’t stop at general tropes, or over-done plots.

Parasyte is horror in a pure form. It combines psychological and physical fears seamlessly. It’s about strange creatures, much like bodysnatchers, descending on the planet and trying to destroy humanity…but more than just traditional bodysnatching, they actually consume whole parts of people. What’s more, they can manipulate their bodies in truly horrific ways to accomplish their goals. Shinichi, the main character, has one of these creatures trapped in his arm, and somehow…they manage to befriend each other. I advise you to get a hold of as many issues of this as you can when you begin your journey into the series, because when you finish the first…it will be very difficult to wait to read the next.


One Response to “Book(s) of the Week: Parasyte series”

  1. We watched the anime series (my partner was reading the manga) and we were both so hooked. Totally recommend it!

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