Vintage Comics – Black Magic, Issue #1: His Father’s Footsteps, Don’t Look Now (20-31)

The apple doesn’t far from the tree, and the something gruesome doesn’t…I don’t know. I was trying to come up with an appropriate pun to describe the first story in this post, but I failed miserably. I don’t know how you let me rope you into it…yeah, that one was pretty bad. I guess you don’t hit them out of the park every time. I absolutely adore the first page of the second story, however, as the colors remind me of the best sort of Tales From the Crypt art. The story itself…hopefully won’t leave you watching over your shoulder every so often in fear.

Black Magic 01 pg 20 Black Magic 01 pg 21 Black Magic 01 pg 22 Black Magic 01 pg 23 Black Magic 01 pg 24 Black Magic 01 pg 26 Black Magic 01 pg 27 Black Magic 01 pg 28 Black Magic 01 pg 29 Black Magic 01 pg 30 Black Magic 01 pg 31


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