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Horror Flick of the Week: The Shrine (2010)

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I feel like horror is one of the few genres that tends to truly suffer if you reveal the ending of a story. That, and obviously mysteries or thrillers. The Shrine is a movie you should watch first, without any sort of spoilers, if you really want to see the story in its entirety and get the most out of it. Because…well, I can’t say much. What I will say is this: when you are traveling, if the people in a village don’t want you to be there…go away. Don’t explore. Don’t stick around. Don’t argue. Just leave.

That, in essence, is one of the establishing factors in The Shrine that really helps set the mood. It’s not merely a mystery, but a supernatural thriller. The best kind. Also, of course, best enjoyed in the dark at night…possibly alone, unless you absolutely need someone to cling to. On another watch, I realized this one still held strong, and that made it even better for the kind of story it is. Nice, creepy, and a sort of moral story (which all good horror should be, if you follow the premise any good, dark Grimm faerie tale.)

Please, do yourself a favor, and watch this movie. It’s on Netflix…it’s waiting for you. Also…maybe avoid the forest for awhile. Just in case.


Vintage Comics – Midnight, Issue #1: Bedeviled Puppet, Eternal Struggle, There’s a Will and There’s a Way (Cover-Pg. 14)

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What? I’m alive? You bet your sweet ass I am. And just to let you guys know, when I disappear for several months at a time, I’m probably not dead…undead at best, but I’m sure we all knew something like that was going to happen to me at one point or another. The sacrificial altar in my bedroom and haunted cemetery in the backyard don’t help much, really.

In all honesty, I’ve just been writing a lot of short stories (even completed a few personal novels I will very likely never publish.) The result is of course maybe a little less blog-time, but fear not! October is around the corner, and as always I will be taking part in the horror blog-a-thon as I do every year. So if you’ve been desperately starved for more vintage comics, possible Hallowholic podcast episodes, trailer compilations, playlists, pretty pictures, and gruesome historical facts…they’ll all be flying right at you on October 1st.

Anyway, I thought I’d start up a post this week with a little bit of vintage comics. The first thing that struck me about this one was actually the cover. The richness of the robe against that green backdrop…I can only imagine how incredible this must have looked crisp and new on the shelf.

The first story plays on one of my favorite tropes. Evil dolls/puppets. But…it really does explain every single action. I got the impression the writer for this one hadn’t really acquainted himself with the practice of showing rather than telling. It promises something dark, but stops just short as a moral story…sort of…I guess. The second one is again, a moral story. But I did enjoy the little ‘twist.’ Imagine Final Destination if death pretty much lost in the end, and you get the picture. The third and final story of the entry…could have used more blood, but I doubt they could’ve gotten away with it at the time. Ultimately, this was one of those ‘oh…I promise this is a scary comic’ issues, that was really general adventure/moral lessons in disguise.

The cover promised a lot for this comic, and sadly did not deliver, but the art is still worth appreciating on its own.