Vintage Comics: Man in Black, Issue No. 1: Brush Strokes, Second Chance, The Hanging Thread (Cover-13)

Here’s an interesting little number, kids. This one features a character you might say was a routine host of spooky radio shows as well as a few of these vintage comics. The Man in Black. Your typical moral tales come alive in this interesting little number. What strikes me as unique about Man in Black isn’t really the stories themselves, which are fairly cut and dry…it’s the fact that there really isn’t one host, but three, all on separate occasions depending on the story.

The first one is about your typical artist, always wanting to be or create more than what he’s capable of. Then, of course, he curses fate…and really, does that ever turn out well for anyone? The following story is short, and…well…not scary in the least, but it does make me reconsider double-checking my drafts before I publish. After all, wouldn’t want a little typo destroying the world, would I?

The third story featured today actually intrigues me mostly because of the art choices. Fate and his associates remain in gray, while the real world acts as a colored portrait below them. In film, that can be a brilliant device. My favorite bit, of course, is seeing the man in black riled up…




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