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Movie Monster Cocktails

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As I just love a fun themed cocktail and I spend a lot of time promising myself I will eventually use that chemistry cocktail set my friends gave me three years ago, I couldn’t help but wonder – – are there other horror fans out there who’ve already done the legwork for me so that when I pull out my Friday the 13th set or my Ash Vs. Evil dead collection I’ve already got a recipe?

That was a stupid question. Of course there are. Below are some videos I’ve found that seemed to fit the theme best, provided they didn’t use Falernum. I hate Falernum, sorry gang. Also, please be sure to check out the other videos these guys have made if you enjoyed them. They’ve got some pretty cool stuff. Incidentally, a note of advice about flavored whipped creams if you’re struggling to find them, use 1/2 – 1 tsp of a flavored extract and blend it with heavy whipping cream. It’ll save you the legwork. If you want it sweeter, use a coffee syrup instead. Torani and Da Vinci are two of my preferred brands thanks to their sugar free options.

Low Carb Sweets

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I have something I need to confess to you guys. I don’t eat sugar. I don’t eat bread. God help me, I don’t even eat pasta anymore. This would be a massive challenge if I didn’t like experimenting with recipes and had no ability to make my own food. This year I decided to share a pinterest board for the yearly October recipe finds and focus on the low carb stuff. From cookies to cake, please enjoy these wonderful recipes I’ve found across the web.

Just click here!


Trust me, if I could just embed it here, I would.

Popcorn Ball Recipes

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Leaving town this weekend, so I’ve got to get this one ready for you guys fast! Halloween is an epic time for all things sweet and/or spooky, but sometimes chocolate just doesn’t cut it. You want something more substantial, yet easy to transport without getting your fingers coated in delicious salty butter grease. So, why not try a couple of popcorn balls? It’s got the best of all the candy food groups: salty, sweet, compact, and classic! So, without further ado, check out some awesome recipes I found by amazing creators!

October Treats

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Oh no. Halloween is almost here…you’ve got a party planned, and just about everything ready to go…except…what the heck are you guys gonna eat? Ordering out is too boring, and you can’t just throw regular party foods together with the word ‘boo!’ scrawled on the tablecloth…you need something cool…something spooky. Well, thanks to some talented people on youtube, you might just be able to pull off that party without a hitch.

As always, remember to check out the other videos on these people’s channels if you enjoyed what they had to offer, because there’s much more delicious stuff to find.

‘Delightful’ Delicacies

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If candy corn and penny rolls aren’t thrilling enough for your yearly Halloween meals, might I suggest the following foods for the more adventurous types out there? Ranging from the deadly to the…less orthodox meal options, I’m sure there’s at least one thing here that might strike your fancy.



This one has been described as quite delicious by many of the people who’ve eaten it and ‘survived’. As long as you have a skilled and licensed chef available, that shouldn’t be a problem. Yes, people need licenses to prepare fugu. One wrong cut into the fish, and you risk killing your customers, so this is perfectly understandable. Even when prepared just right, many parts of the fish still have the lingering flavor of the neurotoxin these fish are so famous for, and the flavor may bring with it a slight tingling on the pallette.



Live baby octopus. Not quite as easy to eat as your typical fugu, this one tends to struggle…it won’t go down easy. If you don’t want to eat it whole, it can also be served chopped up…still wriggling…I must admit, though I love seafood, I don’t even think I could tackle this one. I’d feel too guilty looking into those cute little Cthulhu eyes. Just remind yourself…some day this thing could become an old one. And if it remembers you as the guy who failed to eat it, there could be untold horrors awaiting you in the future.



Much less likely to kill you, yet still not for the faint of heart. Every time I pass these in the Asian market, a little shiver goes down my spine. For the uninnitiated, balut is a duck egg. Not too scary at first, but inside is the half-developed embryo of the ill-fated avian. Generally boiled and eaten in the shell, I can’t help but wonder what the cholesterol content must be with all of those tiny bones and feathers soaking stuff up.



Lots of people can not stand the taste or smell of Durian, which I can completely understand. After a trip to the Asian market recently, my roommate (who is a die-hard and wonder bread white guy) decided to pick up one. He absolutely loves the stuff. When I tried to examine it, this vampiric cantelope (not really a cantelope) decided to take a bite out of me. Later on, when the scent of gasoline permeated the air at home, I was happy to take a bite out of it too. Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed it. There is a bit of a foot-like aftertaste, but otherwise…I’d say it’s not too bad. Then again…I’ve eaten some strange things in my day.



Related to the lychee, but not quite as innocent. It’s also the national fruit of Jamaica. One should only eat this at the right time, when the fruit is perfectly ripe. With my experience in harvesting sour apples, I can say it’s not always an easy task unless you know what you’re doing. From what I’ve read, Ackee is buttery and creamy, pairing excellently with salty cod or shellfish. Be warned though, Ackee can be incredibly dangerous if you eat the wrong part.



Aka ‘Star fruit’, that funny-looking delight that haunts grocery stores very rarely, and gets snatched up faster than you can blink. For anyone with healthy kidneys, this is just fine. Excellent on it’s own or in a tangy salad. Unfortunately, if you have kidney issues…just 100 ml of juice from the star fruit could kill you.

Yum Yum, Pumpkin! 10 Pumpkin Recipes for Halloween

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Now that October is finally picking up, I’ve got a hankering for some tasty treats. But I just don’t have the time to set up my camera and document the process. LUCKILY, there are some incredible online chefs out there with AWESOME party food ideas. So without further ado, my top 10 favorite pumpkin recipes for the Halloween season. Because pumpkin is so hot right now. Unfortunately, pumpkin pie will not be listed…because that’s strictly a Thanksgiving treat in my world.
I would also like to add that these people are very talented, and many of them feature even more great recipes worth checking out. So if you like what I’ve featured, please feel free to check out (and even subscribe) to their channels to support them 🙂

Halloween Myths and Misconceptions

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Halloween is a kid’s holiday nowadays. Oh sure, some of us more obsessive adults (especially myself) may still enjoy the festivities of dressing up, visiting haunted houses, having horror marathons, summoning the dead…but really, it’s marketed as a day for children. They put on their cute little outfits, grab their buckets and pillowcases, then terrorize local adults by demanding candy or promising pranks if candy is not delivered. It’s a magical time.



It’s also pretty dangerous. But, is it as dangerous as certain stories will have you believe? Do some adults really poison pixie sticks, stick razor blades in their apples, and round up local black cats for mass slaughter? Let’s consider these myths/stories and others, and consider the benefits of these tales.


Legend Number One: Your Kids’ Candy Might be Poisoned/Don’t Trust Strange Fruit


Look, there aren’t really any cases of this actually happening. There are movies, there are yearly articles in the local paper, and there are TV advisories. It’s believable though, because it’s possible. People always like to ‘debunk’ the candy myth, because the evidence is so scarce. There was a guy in ’74 who poisoned his own child with pixie sticks to collect the insurance, and he did indeed try to poison other kids too in order to make it look like there was a local madman doing the deed, but that’s one case…and it wasn’t even from a stranger. The rule of the myth is that it has to be random, not pre-meditated.

That doesn’t mean people don’t stick stuff in fruit, though. But when you consider it, any adult handing out nutritious things or pennies on Halloween is pretty sick. I wouldn’t put it past them to have something sneaky up their dastardly health-conscious sleeves.

The fact of the matter is this: check your kid’s candy. Not because of this myth being true or confirmed (which it statistically hasn’t been), but because someone will eventually decide to do it, and you can never be too careful when it comes from letting your kids eat things random strangers hand out to them. Don’t confiscate it if it’s safe, because that makes you a dick. Just be smart about it. As far as pennies go, don’t let your kids eat those…and the fruit? Wash it, cut it up, check it. That is, if your kid even wants to bother with the bruised apple that was probably sitting in some lazy guy’s pantry for the last 3 weeks.


Legend Number Two: Felix the Splat


If you’ve ever followed your local news, there are probably weekly issues with cats being beaten to death or maimed. Whether teenagers, kids, adults, whatever…some people are just sick. A lot of animal shelters refuse to adopt out black cats in October, just to be on the safe side. Now, online sources I’ve looked into say there isn’t enough evidence to support this…however, I’ve lived in neighborhoods where the black cat tradition proved true. I’ve gone to animal shelters where the people who worked there have seen it first-hand. So it’s either just a problem in the Central Texas area, or it is in some way true in other places as well.

The fact of the matter is this: If you have a black cat, there’s nothing wrong with keeping them indoors on October to be on the safe side. If you don’t like letting him or her inside, keep a kitty carrier, or maybe consider not getting a black cat next time you adopt. Frankly, no matter what the color, indoor cats statistically tend to live longer than outdoor cats anyway.


Legend Number Three: Bloody Mary


Don’t be stupid.

The fact of the matter is this: She doesn’t exist. Period. Believe me, I’ve tried.


Legend Number Four: Often, They Come Back

It's not's just a really bad ear infection.

It’s not ectoplasm…it’s just a really bad ear infection.


Samhain/Halloween/Dia De Los Muertos/Hungry Ghost Festival, there’s a common theme that the veil between the living and the dead grows thinner. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of scientific studies that confirm this. There actually aren’t really any at all, otherwise it would be a world news sort of thing, and it wouldn’t be relegated to the land of legend and ‘I heard it from a friend who knew a guy who had a cousin’.

The fact of the matter is this: There are exorcists out there. There are mentally unsound people who pretty much believe they’re possessed. There’s no physical evidence of the dead being able to visit you this time of year, but is the risk of becoming a plaything of Satan/nutcase really worth it? That’s really your choice.



Monster Cereals, Part 2: The Return of the Yummy Mummy and the Fruit Brute

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So, just to spite me for telling you guys that they were both discontinued, the Yummy Mummy and the Fruit Brute have been brought back. But they’re not the same, my friends, not the same at all…



The Fruit Brute is no longer a general fruity flavor, but cherry. It makes sense, since he’s hairy. Hairy rhymes with cherry…let’s just be happy they didn’t change the name of his cereal, or it wouldn’t stick around for much longer. But don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed fruit brute. The great thing about all of the monster cereals is their resistance to sogginess, while still absorbing enough milk to get cool and refreshing.



Yummy Mummy is the one that really threw me for a loop. It tasted like Frankenberry, though much weaker…but then the after-taste hit me, which was really strange. I don’t think I’ve ever had cereal with an aftertaste. It was like pineapple or a fruit roll-up.




It was good, actually. But the back comic kind of threw me off. He said his spoon was dusty. You would think Yummy Mummy, of all the monsters, would have been chowing down on his cereal for years and laughing at all of us foolish humans, satisfying our taste buds with 3 mere flavors, but never quite knowing the joy of a really Yummy Mummy.

The Monster Cereals

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One of the best parts of the haunting season is of course the food. Candy in needlessly large bags for sale at every grocery store, little magazines with ‘spooky ideas’ for ‘creepy dinner parties’, the chance to grab a pumpkin without seeking out your weekly farmers market, and finally…the General Mills monsters.

Let’s be honest, a vampire could never survive on chocolate. But chocolate cereal with milk that turns into chocolate milk when they’re combined? AND marshmallow bits? Apparently General Mills says this was the first chocolate cereal with chocolate marshmallows. Nothing really stands out about the flavor to me, but the box is always pretty cool.

Much like the spirit of the Snozzberry, Franken-Berry tastes like Franken-Berry…if you really think about it. Franken is usually tacked onto anything brought back from the dead or re-animated. The flavoring is artificial…so it’s re-animated, isn’t it? Wow. Now that I think about it, this is the most honest food on the market. As a kid, I was never a huge fan of Franken-Berry, but you can’t really have an October without at least one bowl of this guy’s Franken-Fruit.

I think out of all three, though, Boo-Berry is my absolute favorite. It’s not even the ghost that gets me, though he does seem to be the smartest of the three. It’s the genuine taste of this one. Blueberry just isn’t a flavor you find in a lot of cereals. Most manufacturers punch the ‘strawberry’, ‘cinnamon’, and ‘chocolate’ flavors an awful lot more. So thank you, Mister Boo Berry, for standing out among them all-

Oh, hi Fruit Brute. Fruity Yummy Mummy. Yeah, nobody liked you. Sorry about that. Maybe because people don’t generally equate the word ‘brute’ with werewolf, or they don’t like the idea of fur in their cereal. I don’t suppose the fact that the Mummy’s name was too long had anything to do with it…Maybe it was the taste? I suspect it’s a combination, and the fact that they’re labelled with the simple flavor of ‘fruit’, a concept more terrifying than the monsters themselves. Who knows. These two disappeared long before I was around to judge them.

At any rate, for those of you who just really liked the commercials, here’s a pretty epic video I found I thought you may enjoy…