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My Halloween Costume 2019 : Super Maria/Mario

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With October finally winding down to Halloween, I don’t have much to say today – except here’s the costume I wore to work this past weekend for a Halloween event and later at a party with my buddy KP (playing Louigi, of course).

Low Carb Sweets

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I have something I need to confess to you guys. I don’t eat sugar. I don’t eat bread. God help me, I don’t even eat pasta anymore. This would be a massive challenge if I didn’t like experimenting with recipes and had no ability to make my own food. This year I decided to share a pinterest board for the yearly October recipe finds and focus on the low carb stuff. From cookies to cake, please enjoy these wonderful recipes I’ve found across the web.

Just click here!


Trust me, if I could just embed it here, I would.

Frankenstein Puzzle

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I’m going to be at comic con in San Antonio today! As such, I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare a post, but in the mean-time while I take plenty of pictures to share tomorrow, here’s an awesome puzzle for a promotional poster – – the Bela Lugosi Frankenstein that never was…

Mod Podge Coffee Table

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I pride myself on ‘planning’ to do things. I always ‘plan’ to decorate for the holidays (Christmas and Halloween being the big ones), but always finding a reason to put it off until the big day is gone–and why would I be decorating for Halloween in November? This isn’t a holiday themed post, however, it’s a project I’ve been meaning to get to since I was 23. Buying a crappy coffee table and mod podging the hell out of it with horror lobby cards.

Not to worry. The cards were re-prints. I’m not a monster. Below is the table in question, a chipped piece of pressed wood junk I got from Goodwill for 5 bucks. Cleaned the surface and prepped my paint in a Halloween-themed paper plate.


Started by sloppily giving the edge of the tabletop a black coat just to cover up the worst of the scratches.


After that, because I had a crap-ton of paint leftover, figured I might as well use what I could just in case there were spaces in-between the lobby cards–or I gave up and decided I would just have a weird painted monster instead of a mod podge masterpiece.


Hey, those bits there kinda look like bats! Totally intentional.


Rounded edges on the table, so I had to use a hobby knife to trim the corners of the cards. Then globbed on the mod podge glue like there was no tomorrow. Quick tip – – an 8 oz bottle is never enough. Lesson learned.


Not gonna lie, halfway through I stopped caring about precision, and more about just finishing it. So I dumped half the bottle out.


Finished layering the cards. Wiped off the top to brighten up the pictures a bit. Sprayed some sealant and BOOM!



Book of the Week: Vintage Halloween Collectibles – 3rd ed., by Mark B. Ledenbach

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I’m not sure if I’ve told you guys this yet, but I’m going to grad school for Library Science right now. Terribly relevant? Not really. Still, had a major assignment over the summer that required an interview and a tour at a local library. Not going to name the location, because I don’t think that’d be fair to them – – but their nonfiction section was lacking. Terribly. Most of it was gardening books, I’m not going to lie. That wasn’t the point of my visit anyway, but I just can’t resist digging for some good horror-related books when I’m at any store or library. That’s how I found this hidden gem near the end of the aisle, sandwiched between a couple of books on furniture shopping. Vintage Halloween Collectibles — 3rd ed., by Mark B. Ledenbach.


The pictures of old Halloween cards, toys, decorations and the like inside this book are an absolute delight. It’s the cutest little collection of eclectic demons and ghosts from yester-year I would gladly fill my apartment with if I had the money to go wild, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the decor Hobby Lobby has been stocking for the last 2-3 years (looking at you black cats in clown costumes), were heavily inspired by this book. So, for those of you looking to do some creative decorating or who just want to look at some cool pictures, this book is a must-read.

Monstrous Paper Dolls

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I know what we’re all thinking. Monster High dolls are cute, but they’re not classic. Classic model dolls are awesome, but kids can’t play with them without breaking something! If only there was some way for a child to enjoy classic horror monsters in a creative way…

if only…
front cover
Jill Bauman and Walter Velez have got you covered! The dolls below are only a few awesome highlights from the book, and there are many more (including, for some reason, the Easter bunny and Santa Clause to save them two more issues?) Now I would actually love to just share a scan of every page, but I highly encourage you to get the book if you have the chance. Below are just a few of the awesome selections just to get a bit of a taste…
page 2 clothespage 1 clothesfrank_and_wifedrac_and_wolfie

My 2017 Reddit Halloween Secret Santa

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Hey guys! This year I participated in the Reddit Halloween Secret Santa (for what I believe makes it three times). He/she made an awesome go of it, numbering as one of my top (if not my absolute favorite) Santas of all the exchanges I’ve participated in. For those of you who’ve never done Reddit Secret Santa (or don’t even know what it is), it’s a great way to give gifts to strangers after only a moderate level of internet stalking, and then getting gifts in return from others. Anyway, I figured I’d share a little of the holiday joy I got this week, and post the photos, but you can also check out the main thank you page here!