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Book of the Week: The Mask (comic book series) by John Arcudie and Doug Mahnkie

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I’ve been wanting to talk about this one for awhile. I’m sure most of you reading probably grew up knowing the movie just as well as I did, and may have even watched the 90s cartoon. Wasn’t the 90s a great time for cartoon spin-offs? Killer Tomatoes was probably my favorite…

None of those spin-offs, and not even the movie were even remotely close to just how dark the comics they were based on turned out to be when I finally read it. The Mask doesn’t just imbue a person with cartoonish super powers and strip them of their inhibitions, it strips them of their sanity altogether as the ultimate cost. This series is just as wonderfully violent as Evil Ernie, with ample gore to satisfy the grimmest comic fans. Prior to the film and cartoons, the mask was called ‘Big Head’. Stanley is no hero. The Mask is more of a monkey’s paw than a gift, or maybe even a Jekyll and Hyde potion. It’s a fantastic series, and I can’t recommend it enough. Especially if you enjoy having your childhood memories shredded.


Vintage Magazine: Famous Monsters of Filmland, Vol. 1, No. 1 (Pg. 14 – 30)

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Continuing from where we left off with Famous Monsters, this section contains some stories and more cool film info. Later today I’ll be sharing our latest podcast episode too, hopefully. Provided I can finish the editing in time!


Vintage Magazine: Famous Monsters of Filmland, Vol. 1, No. 1 (Cover-Pg. 13)

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This month I bring you something a little different. Instead of vintage comics, I’d like to visit a vintage magazine, ‘Famous Monsters of Filmland’. This series ran from 1958-1983. This is the father of horror magazines, which inspired all sorts (including my personal favorite, Fangoria). Originally conceived as a one-off, the first issue was so popular that they had an unexpected 25 year run! In fact, the first issue had to have a second printing because it sold out so fast.

What this magazine did that was so special, is that it reminded audiences (especially of the younger variety at the time) of the horror icons who had come and gone before, the silent greats like Lon Chaney Sr. This is a gem of archiving in general, because it preserves stills and stories that would otherwise have been lost forever if someone hadn’t come along to show why they were so wonderful. The history of this magazine is so rich, I can’t just describe it in a few select paragraphs, and I encourage you to explore it for yourselves. In the meantime, here’s the first part of the first issue which I will be sharing this October.


Vintage Comics – Black Magic, Issue #2: I’ve Seen You Before, Yesterday You Died (Pg. 27 – End)

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This first story in the final portion of this Black Magic issue reminds me of a Hammer Mummy movie, with its tendency to give innocent characters the darker fates that they don’t quite deserve. It’s fantastic, actually. One of my favorites I’ve shared so far. The second is oddly reminiscent of an old radio show I can’t quite recall the name of, with the singular reminder that one can never truly escape or prevent their fates (or the grisly future of another.)


Vintage Comics – Black Magic, Issue #2: The Cloak, Out of Your Mind (Pg. 18 – 26)

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I get the impression this first story might have been influenced by a disgruntled tailor with a fussy customer. People, for the last time, if you turn around and find a store or building that you knew wasn’t there the last time you looked–and there’s an eery fog surrounding it, complete with appropriately perched blackbirds and wind chimes–do not go in, and do not buy anything. Or at least don’t accept packages from mysterious gentlemen with sinister smiles.


Vintage Comics – Black Magic, Issue #2: The Scorn of the Faceless People, The Cheerful Old Lady in Black (Cover-Pg. 17)

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Recall the classic episode of the Twilight Zone wherein a man is haunted by his dreams (okay…maybe there was more than one), and he sought aid from a doctor only for the woman of his dreams/nightmare to pursue him to his death. Then recall the one where the man traveled through time in his dream on a train. This first story seems to open like both, until it turns into a very peculiar bit of dream analysis. Some pretty fun imagery, and I’ll admit it took me a bit by surprise. The second story uses one of my favorite tropes–death on a joyride.


Vintage Comics – Beware, Issue. 15: The Secret of Pitmurkiewood, Make Me Invisible, Right Connections (15 – End)

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I know what you’re thinking. Where’s the podcast episode? I’m still editing it, but just in case there’s an emergency–here’s an extra comic post. If I finish editing the episode this morning, this’ll be a special 2 post day! The final story in this comic struck me as one of the sweetest I’ve shared so far, and I almost regret not saving it for a Valentines post.