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Drive-In Trailers: Cracker Jacks

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So just this afternoon (meaning yesterday by the time this is posted) I realized I hadn’t done any horror trailer compilations this year! Well, wait no more, my friends. This year, in no small part because I finally watched Fatal Attraction, the theme is all about the unbalanced, the insane, and the demented. Enjoy!

Netflix/Hulu/Amazon/Amazon Chiller Streaming List of 2019

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Back in the saddle again for one last year (or so it appears) of the horror blog-a-thon, so let’s make this a good one, gang! As it stands, it looks like the host is retiring, and unless someone takes up his helm, there will be no more daily October blog-a-thons. This year, rolling out a 2019 streaming list, I’m featuring a combination of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon/Shudder features to watch each day in October. Won’t you join me?

1. What We Become (Hulu)

2. Phantom of the Paradise (Shudder)

3. Se7en (Hulu)

4. In the Tall Grass (Netflix)

5. Ghost Stories (Hulu)

6. The Last Kids on Earth (Netflix)

7. Tigers Are Not Afraid (Shudder)

8. Southbound (Hulu)

9. The Midnight Meat Train (Amazon)

10. Mom and Dad (Hulu)

11. The Gate (Amazon)

12. Viy (Shudder)

13. Marianne (Netflix)

14. We Have Always Lived in this Castle (Netflix)

15. Children of the Corn  (Hulu)

16.Next of Kin (Shudder)

17. The Hole in the Ground (Amazon)

18. Eli (Netflix)

19. Open Water (Hulu)

20. Frogs (Amazon)

21. In The Shadows of the Moon (Netflix)

22. Summer of 84 (Shudder)

23. Dan Curtis’ Dracula (Amazon)

24. I Trapped the Devil (Hulu)

25. Head Count (Netflix)

26. Creep (Amazon)

27. The Clovehitch Killer (Hulu)

28. Daybreak (Netflix)

29. Sequence Break (Shudder)

30. Fractured (Netflix)

31. Rattlesnake (Netflix)

October 1st: Art Sherpa Inspired Painting

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Am hurriedly trying to finish the streaming list for the year, I promise! In the meantime, enjoy my October 1st pick, What We Become (Hulu)

Today I’d like to feature a video by Art Sherpa who does fun acrylic tutorials throughout the year. Below is the painting I made from her video, and below THAT is the actual video if you want to try it yourself. Happy October!

Vintage Comics – Black Magic, Issue #2: The Cloak, Out of Your Mind (Pg. 18 – 26)

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I get the impression this first story might have been influenced by a disgruntled tailor with a fussy customer. People, for the last time, if you turn around and find a store or building that you knew wasn’t there the last time you looked–and there’s an eery fog surrounding it, complete with appropriately perched blackbirds and wind chimes–do not go in, and do not buy anything. Or at least don’t accept packages from mysterious gentlemen with sinister smiles.


Vintage Comics – Beware, Issue. 15: The Crystal of Time, Your Number is Up (Cover – 14)

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First, apologies for the lack of color correction. I just got a new version of Photoshop elements, and like every edition before – – it’s completely different from the last one I used, and every function is yet another learning process. On the bright side, the podcast may be getting a new logo when I figure this silly thing out. Anyway, onto the comic…BEWARE, ISSUE 15! Yet another vintage comic where the writers forgot they didn’t need to describe every detail. Very much like the narration of a radio show, this may be a fun interactive little comic if you could get someone to read the dialog aloud.

The first story is more sci-fi romance than horror, which somehow seems to bring to mind Army of Darkness. I wonder if Sam Raimi was a fan? The second, a twisting tale of greed and numbers – – that actually cuts off before it gets really good. Ah well, the last frame is cartoonishly charming.


Book of the Week: The Amityville Horror by Jay Anson

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When I was a kid, hands-down Amityville horror was one of those movies that was so dark and creepy, I couldn’t really sit through it until I was probably 10 (which, if you’ve read and heard my ramblings over the last few years, you’ll realize was pretty late for me, considering I had watched Dead Alive probably a dozen times at that point.) This is the book that started it all.


I’m not going to say it’s based on a true story. I desperately want to, but I think we can all agree that events in this story are highly dramatized. There have been lawsuits. Debates. Fights. I’d like to believe drunken horror nerd brawls, even, about the events in this book based on the horrific ghostly experiences of the Lutz family in 1975. They left the house in just under a month.

For context, in 1974 Ronald DeFreo Jr brutally murdered his family in this house (which, to its credit, looks like a pretty damn creepy house even without the overlay and flames on the modernized book cover above). This book is not about Ronald, but each element of the book sort of comes together very well, and if you haven’t had enough of the fictional story, there’s so much you can explore after you’ve read this (from DeFreo to the Warrens, a pair of paranormal investigators whose cases inspired Jay Anson to write this). True or not, it’s a great book, a modern classic, and well worth your time on a stormy night or a sunny day.

Vintage Comics – Baffling Mysteries, Issue 5 : Volcano of Vengeance, The Phantom Snow Queen (Cover – Pg. 14)

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I’m sure most of you have figured out by now that the main thing drawing me to some of these vintage comics tends to be the awesome cover art. This one, too, while gorgeous (just look at that awesome skirt) won me over with the cover alone, and what could possibly be one of the most ridiculous lines I’ve ever read. The Baffling Mysteries comics often fell victim to your typical walls of text you see with any visual medium that hasn’t quite grasped the law of ‘show, don’t tell’. Wasn’t surprised at all to realize they came from Ace comics, who also produced Hand of Fate (which I’ve posted here before as well.) The characters in this one practically narrate everything. I mean everything. Very much in the style of an ear play or radio drama. If it’s dark, and the panel is painted dark, you’ll be reminded by the character telling you that it’s definitely dark; so on and so forth.

The first story focuses on South American goat-men gods. Or, as the rest of the world refers to them, Satyrs. There’s plenty of color variation in the panels, but far too much text covering up the actual art. It seemed like as the stories progressed, the line art got a bit more rushed. There was potential with the goat-ment, and certainly a message about…archaeology and museums not being a bad thing, I guess. The second story in a far snowier setting has death skiing with a sort of urban legend twist to it. The best part about this comic is the art, really. The stories are just near-misses…but man, look at all those bright yellows!