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Drive-in Trailers: Anthology Horror

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Sometimes you want something besides a full-on horror film. You want a taste of several things. A creepy cornucopia. A vicious variety. A -something something alliteration scary-. That’s where anthology horror takes the cake. I’ve always loved short stories, on the page and on the screen. Hopefully the following trailers (obscure and mainstream) can give you something new to watch this Halloween.

The first trailer isn’t a real one, from what I can tell, but anyone who hasn’t seen ‘Dead of Night’ is really doing themselves a disservice. It’s one of the best. Also, note that I adore all of the Amicus films, but it’d be a bit boring if I just focused on them alone.

Vintage Comics – Black Magic, Issue #1: The Idol, When You Were Alive, My Dolly Is The Devil (32-End)

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Right before Halloween, we come to the end of our current issue. The first story today features an antique…Krishna-Buddha fusion statue? I’m not sure. I’ve never heard of Buddha having 6 arms…but it doesn’t really matter. Such a short story, I was actually surprised by the ending. It’s honestly one of my favorites I’ve read in the comics I’ve shared so far. But I love bitter irony.

The second story is a unique twist on an age-old urban legend, of a young girl trying to get home…but never makes it, and always leaves whatever innocent driver who decided to give her a lift with a chill down his spine. Enjoyable, short, and one of the better versions of the story I’ve read.

Finally, our last story…is vaguely reminiscent of a classic Twilight Zone episode, with a much creepier looking doll.

Black Magic 01 pg 32 Black Magic 01 pg 33 Black Magic 01 pg 35 Black Magic 01 pg 36 Black Magic 01 pg 37 Black Magic 01 pg 38 Black Magic 01 pg 39 Black Magic 01 pg 40 Black Magic 01 pg 42 Black Magic 01 pg 43 Black Magic 01 pg 44 Black Magic 01 pg 45 Black Magic 01 pg 46 Black Magic 01 pg 47 Black Magic 01 pg 48

Vintage Comics – Black Magic, Issue #1: His Father’s Footsteps, Don’t Look Now (20-31)

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The apple doesn’t far from the tree, and the something gruesome doesn’t…I don’t know. I was trying to come up with an appropriate pun to describe the first story in this post, but I failed miserably. I don’t know how you let me rope you into it…yeah, that one was pretty bad. I guess you don’t hit them out of the park every time. I absolutely adore the first page of the second story, however, as the colors remind me of the best sort of Tales From the Crypt art. The story itself…hopefully won’t leave you watching over your shoulder every so often in fear.

Black Magic 01 pg 20 Black Magic 01 pg 21 Black Magic 01 pg 22 Black Magic 01 pg 23 Black Magic 01 pg 24 Black Magic 01 pg 26 Black Magic 01 pg 27 Black Magic 01 pg 28 Black Magic 01 pg 29 Black Magic 01 pg 30 Black Magic 01 pg 31

Book(s) of the Week: The Devil’s Storybook

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Back in middle school, our library had a hidden room. Well, not so much hidden as restricted, but I like to imagine there was a bookcase in front of the door, blocking the secrets no 5th-6th grader should ever find themselves privy to. I was a pretty avid reader at the time, and still am, so the librarian let me sneak into the room one day and pick out any book I wanted to read.

There were so many to pick, so many delightful books with thick and embossed binding. Most of them were just kept in that room because the reading level was too high, or the copies were too valuable to let kids touch. I was one of the lucky few, the chosen ones, and I knew I had to pick the perfect book. I was told this would be my only chance…so I took a good half hour to find something I would never regret reading…

Tucked on one of the bottom shelves, with an orange-ish red binding, and looking practically new…I found it. A part of me thought this book wasn’t supposed to be there, that some evil (and magical) force had conjured it into being. After all, a middle school library with a book about the DEVIL? It was unbelievable! So I pulled it out and flipped it open, examining some of the amusing illustrations of a trickster devil often finding himself the fool of his own pranks. With some trepidation, I took the book to the front desk and asked to check it out.

She didn’t even look at the title. That same voice telling me this was not supposed to be here told me she must be seeing something altogether different than one I was. Perhaps to her a picture of a bunny rabbit snuggling a teddy bear was on the cover, or maybe a battalion of unicorns. No matter. I checked the book out, and I read it that very night. I read it once. Then the next day I read it again. And the following week or so I kept re-reading it until I had to check the book back in.

I was right, you know. Not about the book being magic…it really wasn’t. In fact, many of the stories were charming little fairy tales with a somewhat less than intimidating version of Lucifer often being made to look like an idiot. But she never did let me back into that room…part of me suspects it’s because she actually read the cover when I checked the book back in.

I’m sorry this was such a long story just for a ‘book of the week’ article, but I didn’t know how else to tell you how wonderful this little book is, and how much it deserves to be discovered again and again by anyone who’s willing to take a chance…

For a Gory Cause: The Mortuary Collection

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Back again gang with a new kickstarter that just has me UNBELIEVABLY excited. 13 days to go and still a little over 10k left. This is a cute throwback to the camp of the 80s, and looks like it could be another excellent anthology. You all know how much I love those anthologies.

I’ll just quote the page for you: “An eccentric mortician spins four twisted tales of madness and the macabre in a sleepy New England town where nothing is as it seems.”

If this at all interests you, please check this link out!

Book of the Week: Bumper Crop

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Bumper Crop, by Joe R. Lansdale

I’ve always been a pretty avid reader of short stories. They’re like little tiny books you can swallow in one bite, with plenty of space to spare. They’re like literary hors D’oeuvres, but sometimes…they’re not all good. Sometimes you’ll read one, go to the next, and then find it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Even Steven King is hit or miss with a fairly large amount of his short stories…

BUT THIS. Every. Single. Story. I loved them all. Deliciously dark, creepy, unpredictable. It’s insanely hard to find anything nowadays that’s written well AND unpredictable. It’s even more difficult to find a book of short stories that score every time in the awesome department. This book is one of the best story compilations I’ve ever read. Don’t read them to children, however, as they’re not nearly as child-friendly as Pet Semetary or Helter Skelter.

Lansdale has a way with words, and manages to create a world I would never want to live in. God of the Razor in particular is incredibly dark, wherein if one is cut by a blade of any kind, the ‘god of the razor’ will come out to take possession of him and transform the victim into a psychopathic murderer in order to feed the god with bloodshed. I wretched just reading this story…that’s no easy feat.

Horror Flick of the Week: Monster Club (1980)

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So, it’s a horror anthology movie of various scary stories set to the backdrop of monsters in a club telling them. A very 80s sort of movie, with new wave music in-between tales. Currently it’s available on YouTube in it’s entirety, if you’d like to check it out.

The music is incredibly fun, but the movie doesn’t really seem to know what it wants to be. Yet it works. It’s one of the funnest movies you could watch, and I think it owes to the man that inspired the stories, R. Chetwynd-Hayes. A majority of his books are out-of-print, but they’re worth checking in to. The man creates a world of his own, very dry wit amid a strange population of monsters. He even makes a kind of family tree for them (like what might happen when a werewolf and vampire have a child, or a ghoul and a vampire, or a ghoul and a shagmock…) which is reflected in this movie really well.

What really stands out for me, though, is that it looks like everyone involved with this picture had a great time. The transition from story to story is done pretty well, and the meat of each tale has a hint of originality, if not cute humor to it. This is an early evening Halloween movie to watch when the kids start to come around asking for candy, and a great opener for a horror-themed party.

If none of that was confusing, just watch this awesome number.


You can just feel the new wave leaking out of the screen…and maybe a little bit of blood, but that’s normal.