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Podcast, Episode 15 – Growing up with Horror

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Hello guys! The Hallow-holics Anonymous Podcast is returning from the grave once more with your host Maddy, and two new co-hosts: Corey and David. Things are going to be a little different from here on out, so what better way to start over than by discussing the horror movies we fondly remember for their wonderful traumatizing memories? In this episode we review Terrorvision, Curse 2: The Bite, and Cameron’s Closet.

Horror Flick of the Week: Zinda Laash (1967)

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Ah, the much-maligned and neglected realm of Pakistani cinema. A realm of sometimes beautiful, and most of the time…questionable movies. Luckily, Zinda Laash is actually one of the former. It’s incredibly difficult to get your hands on pretty much any Lollywood movies, and especially ones with English subtitles. Lucky for us this one is probably the easiest movie from them you can find, restored lovingly, and also…the first X rated horror film in Lollywood history. Funny, because it’s hardly even close to rivaling what you’d consider the lustier of the Hammer horror movies.


It’s Dracula, it’s a mad scientist, it’s dancing, it’s awesome 60s perms, and lovingly painted shadows created in only the way black-and-white films can offer.

If that isn’t enough to convince you to watch ‘Dracula in Pakistan’/’Zinda Laash’/’The Living Corpse’ this October, maybe this charming dance sequence will convince you…


Horror Flick of the Week: Sleepaway Camp (1983)

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Hey gang, looks like yet another year of Cryptkeeping madness for me. So I decided I’d start it off with tossing out a nice little classic slasher suggestion. If you haven’t seen it and don’t know how it ends, for the love of god DON’T look it up. You’ll ruin the fun. Even if you do know, though, give the movie a watch anyway.


The acting is odd. It’s a combination between decent actors on one side and god-awful Troma-level actors on the other. Somehow it comes together well enough to be an entertaining little romp best coupled with Friday the 13th. Now don’t get me wrong…it’s nowhere near as good as F13, so you might want to watch it first. You might also want to avoid sending any kids you might have now or some day off to summer camp too…

Horror flick of the Week: Madhouse (1974)

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Some time ago, Madhouse was briefly referenced in a Netflix instant watch list. So now I suppose it’s time to tell you guys my verdict: I absolutely love this movie. As a die-hard Vincent Price fan, how could I not? Its an extremely campy film made during his later period, and pretty much gives Price constant screen-time.

I’m recommending this one, because it’s not one of his more commonly-watched movies. In fact, it had taken me ages just to discover Madhouse. Probably because it doesn’t really stand on it’s own, but because of Price’s history. A tongue-in-cheek kind of horror film that references several of Prices older and (at the time) even more recent works. Madhouse is a great movie to finish up a Vincent binge, but it’s also a great movie to start it with if you’re already familiar with him. If you’ve been avoiding Madhouse based on the cover, or perhaps simply because you haven’t heard of it, I urge to watch this one as soon as possible.

Horror Flick of the Week: Pet Sematary (1989)

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Sometimes this one gets a bad wrap. Mostly from people who expect 90% of good cinema doesn’t date itself, which is just silly. One thing I love about this movie, is that it’s just about the closest adaptation of a Stephen King book I’ve ever seen (from the ones I’ve read, that is.) Not to mention the child actor who played Gage (Miko Hughes) was incredibly disturbing as he transitioned from the role of an innocent baby to basically a demonically-possessed corpse. It’s also deliciously campy in a way modern horror directors tend to forget can be a good thing when done right.

This movie is a collection of great moments. The concept alone makes for a pretty spooky story:
– An old burial ground that resurrects whatever is buried there, in a manner of speaking, and sends them on soul-less rampages to destroy whoever the living person might have cherished.
– A wise old man with dark knowledge of the Pet Sematary’s past, played by none other than Fred Gwynne (otherwise famous for his role as Herman Munster).
– An evil cat.
– An even more evil child.
– The compulsion to return to this forbidden place and try your luck again, knowing full well nothing good can come of it.
– And also a daughter conveniently forgotten who apparently has visions of the future.

I mean, Pet Sematary has a lot going for it, if you’re looking for something to watch alone or with friends on a stormy night. And that’s why it’s the horror flick of the week.

Horror Flick of the Week: Scanners (1981)

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Cronenberg. Great actor? Absolutely not. Amazing director? You bet your ass he is. I honestly can’t think of one of his films that could be remade, an even come close to matching how fun (and often times disturbing) his movies are. Scanners is not my favorite on the list, but I do enjoy it, and I do think it’s worth checking out for anybody with a love of physical effects.

In his movies, there tends to be a distaste for authority, for those in control of the big picture. But what made me pick Scanners for this week’s featured film? Part of it is the fact that it will be playing at Alamo Drafthouse in New Braunfels on May 12, and it’s really worth seeing if you get the chance. The other part is because sometimes you’ve just got to figure out a way to get your non-horror friends to watch a horror movie. As far as campy classics go, this one is tame enough for the novice, and still wild enough to be entertaining.

Horror Flick of the Week: Witchboard (1986)

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Just saw ‘It Follows’ last night, and will probably mentioning that particular movie when we get around to our next podcast episode (which we will get to), but in the middle of watching It Follows…for some reason, I was reminded of Witchboard. At first I thought ‘well…can’t feature that movie. I’m pretty sure I already have.’ Browsing through the archives…I realized, to my utter shock and horror…that I haven’t. So here it is, my selected horror flick of the week…WITCHBOARD!

From what I have read, at their premiere release of Witchboard, audience members were given a glow-in-the dark Ouija board to take home with them. I am not sure if that is true, as the source I read this on years ago is unconfirmed, but I’d like to imagine they did something campy and fun like that. To match the campy and fun atmosphere the movie itself has.

Sometimes I get grumpy when a movie has nothing but jump scares. As a horror nerd, of course you’d expect this elitist view from me…expecting plot and character development, atmosphere, and actual thought. But when I just want to have fun, I do enjoy a movie packed with stupid jump scares. Witchboard is just that kind of movie, though sometimes the music does make your neck hairs rise a bit. There’s even a legitimately surprising death scene or two. Witchboard was clearly not a victim of micro-budget, because the cinematography holds up. It was only a victim of the 1980s, and in my mind…that’s one of the reasons it’s so charming.

If you’re looking for a movie to watch with friends, Witchboard is perfect, and the story line is pretty simple: girl meets boy, boy turns out to not really be boy, man hires psychic to talk to boy who isn’t a boy, girl finds ring in sink, girl gets possessed by non-boy boy….etcetera etcetera. Be sure to watch it with the lights off, though, and minimal talking. You’re sure to get a little bit scared of picking up your next Ouija board.