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Horror Flick of the Week: Christmas Evil (1980)

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Tis the season, isn’t it? No, I’m not generically recommending this movie because it’s horror and Christmas related. I actually finally got around to watching it because someone else couldn’t stop talking about the damned thing. Honestly, I expected a slasher. That’s all. A slasher with a guy in a Christmas suit…I didn’t expect to actually care about the guy in a way, or to actually find a real moral behind most of the story. I certainly didn’t mean to find out the true meaning of Christmas.

But…I did, I did, and I definitely did.


If you’ve done Black Christmas (the original and the remake) to death, don’t find Gremlins has enough bite to it anymore, and could very well strangle the next teeny-bopper with a Jack Skellington wrist bracelet, then maybe check out Christmas Evil this year.

In a way, Krampus almost tried to communicate a little of what I got from Christmas Evil, but they were too caught up in the flash, the spectacle, etc. This one had a great balance. I couldn’t help but think as I watched it that ‘yeah, if a guy really did decide to become Santa Clause, this is probably how he’d do it.’


Tis The Season

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Only 11 chopping days till Christmas…


Drive-in Trailers: HO HO HO-…rror

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As Christmas approaches, a strange chill seems to settle over the world. The carnage of Black Friday has passed, but an even greater danger waits. From his frozen lair, the beast awakens. Clawed and grinning, Kris Kringle must once more feed on the children of-…wait, that doesn’t happen? You mean he’s a completely genial symbol of a joyful holiday bringing families together to celebrate the birth of the Christian messiah, winter, and togetherness? Damn. Well, now I suppose this list of Christmas trailers is totally inappropriate…but I’ll list them anyway.

Let It Snow

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Not  a terribly large update today, but I just had to share this picture that put me in mind for the season. Who says Hitchcock didn’t have a sense of humor?