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Horror flick of the Week: Madhouse (1974)

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Some time ago, Madhouse was briefly referenced in a Netflix instant watch list. So now I suppose it’s time to tell you guys my verdict: I absolutely love this movie. As a die-hard Vincent Price fan, how could I not? Its an extremely campy film made during his later period, and pretty much gives Price constant screen-time.

I’m recommending this one, because it’s not one of his more commonly-watched movies. In fact, it had taken me ages just to discover Madhouse. Probably because it doesn’t really stand on it’s own, but because of Price’s history. A tongue-in-cheek kind of horror film that references several of Prices older and (at the time) even more recent works. Madhouse is a great movie to finish up a Vincent binge, but it’s also a great movie to start it with if you’re already familiar with him. If you’ve been avoiding Madhouse based on the cover, or perhaps simply because you haven’t heard of it, I urge to watch this one as soon as possible.


Vintage Comics: Horrific, Issue #1: The Ghost’s Last Laugh, Iron Doom, The Dancer of Death (Pg. 18 – End)

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Finishing up the rest of this issue, Horrific appears to be surprisingly short compared to other series issues I’ve posted. I’d like to start this entry by saying something I think will be on everyone’s minds after reading these pages. Pennypacker is the greatest surname ever created. Also, I wonder if the Ghost’s Last Laugh partially inspired Neil Jordan when he wrote the screenplay for High Spirits? I actually really liked this one, and in fact would go so far as to say it’s just about my favorite written story from any of the comics I posted so far, in it’s charming little way. Any time bureaucracy and economics are brought in to deal with the supernatural, it’s always worth a good laugh. A lot of these stories, such as Iron Death, also really make me long for the days of horror when spooky castles were employed more regularly. Do you hear me, Hollywood? Bring back the cobwebs and the stone ruins, the iron maidens and the tortured souls. Because there are only so many vintage comics left for me to post!

Horrific 001 pg 18 Horrific 001 pg 19 Horrific 001 pg 20 Horrific 001 pg 21 Horrific 001 pg 22 Horrific 001 pg 23 Horrific 001 pg 24 Horrific 001 pg 25 Horrific 001 pg 26 Horrific 001 pg 27 Horrific 001 pg 28 Horrific 001 pg 29 Horrific 001 pg 30 Horrific 001 pg 31 Horrific 001 pg 32

Podcast, Episode 13 – Comedy Horror

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I don’t know if you guys have gathered yet, but there’s one thing Julianne/Maddy/Chris all have in common. They like funny stuff. With that in mind, we all agreed horror comedies would be an awesome topic this episode. The movies we tackle this episode are three incredible classics: Young Frankenstein, Club Dread, and Tucker & Dale Vs Evil.

Listen to our latest podcast episode here!

Finally, in the interest of independent films, we’ve also got a treat for the web-series fans out there. A trailer of a new show called ‘Low Spirits’, and it looks pretty awesome to me! (Hallow-holics are in no way associated with Low Spirits or the production of it, we just think it looks cool.)

Book(s) Of the Week: Monster Road

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Back in the 90s, I was wild for books. I still am, but the point here is that I devoured every book fair that came to school. Especially when it came to book lights and horror stories. Monster Road was one of my favorites. Perhaps it was the cover that drew me to it, or the fact that I’d run out of Goosebumps books, but this one was pretty easy to miss tucked back at the bottom ‘L’ shelf.

Written by David Lubar, Monster Road tells the story of Kevin taking a road trip with his eccentric scientist Uncle. Eccentric and wildly naive, every single monster Kevin’s uncle meets on the trip strikes him as something absolutely mundane and non-supernatural in any way. What’s more, he seems to come up with a solution for most of their problems in the process.

My old copy I had of Monster Road sadly fell to pieces, but that’s the sign of a well-loved book. At least for a kid. Monster Road is a great little story to read with your kid, or to just let them read on their own, lying in the somewhat sketchy area of 2nd grade – 4th grade reading level.

Vintage Comics: Monster, Issue #1: The Monster, The Mirror (Cover – Pg. 14)

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Don’t let the Burt Reynolds-esque Hulk on the cover deceive you. The monster in this comic looks nothing like that. In this first comic, I didn’t have so much fun with the actual story as just admiring the style. I love the heavy shadows and expressions the artist employs with all of the characters in this comic. The second story was equally impressive with it’s own flare of style and femme fatales. I honestly just wish the second one could have been a bit longer and the first a bit shorter.


Monster 01 - 01 front cover - Maurice Whitman Monster 01 - 04 The Monster Monster 01 - 05 --- Monster 01 - 06 --- Monster 01 - 07 --- Monster 01 - 08 --- Monster 01 - 09 --- Monster 01 - 10 --- Monster 01 - 11 --- Monster 01 - 12 --- Monster 01 - 13 --- Monster 01 - 14 The Mirror Monster 01 - 15 --- Monster 01 - 16 --- Monster 01 - 17 ---

Drive-in Trailers: Based On/Inspired By True Events

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Sometimes they say truth is stranger than fiction. Most times they don’t, because a lot of people familiar with Cronenburg will realize he’s pretty much stranger than any truth. But I digress. The following featured trailers are films inspired by/based on true events. Fun fact…looooots of films have been inspired by Ed Gein…

A quick warning that some of these trailers have graphic clips in them. This is not an advisable selection to watch with children or family 🙂


Netflix Horror Instant Watch List 2014

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Now that we’re really getting the ball rolling, I’ve got this year’s October Netflix list for every day of the month. What does that mean? It means I invite you guys to join me in watching each and every one of the movies on this list every day of the month. You get a freebie for yesterday, but if you really want to make up for it…it was I Sell the Dead.

This year I’m diving into dangerous territory, I have not seen many of these. But it will be an interesting experience for all of us. Plus, plenty of fodder for our weekly podcast.

October 2nd – Never Sleep Again
October 3rd – Madhouse
October 4th – We Are The Night
October 5th – Hellgate
October 6th – The Iron Rose
October 7th – Visible Secret
October 8th – Shakma
October 9th – Devil’s Kiss
October 10th – Appetite
October 11th – The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant
October 12th – The Bloody Judge
October 13th – The Vineyard
October 14th – Absence
October 15th – Shallow Ground
October 16th – Hellraiser
October 17th – Dread
October 18th – Scourge
October 19th – New Year’s Evil
October 20th – Stalled
October 21st – Nightmare City
October 22nd – Proteus
October 23rd – Daughters of Satan
October 24th – Return to Horror High
October 25th – The Evictors
October 26th – The Spell
October 27th – Edgar Allen Poe’s Murders in the Rue Morgue
October 28th – Dumplings

A quick note on Dumplings, if you have a weak stomach…probably best to skip this one.

October 29th – Virgin Witch
October 30th – Monkey Shines
October 31st – Brain Dead