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Halloween Bath Bomb Recipes

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There are two times you’ll find yourself routinely soaking in boiling water: when you’re in the process of becoming a delicious stew for your friendly neighborhood cannibals, and when you’re just in the mood for a nice bath. Me, personally, I like my baths hot enough to turn me lobster red. As far as being prepared for a meal goes, I’d like to at least thing I didn’t get the same kind of crustacean treatment, but you can’t always pick and choose. Cannibals probably don’t like the taste of bath salts, bombs, or soaps. Even if the smell is incredible. Then, when it comes to having an amazing soak in your bathtub, those things can get so darn expensive! 8-12 dollars just for a bath? Surely you want something more out of it than a half hour soak. That’s where these awesome crafty recipes come in, just in time for Halloween season….they may only last for a couple of minutes, but they sure are fun to make.

Be sure to check out the other amazing videos from these creators if you liked their spooky selections. They really are all pretty awesome.


Featured Kickstarter: The House on Forest Drive

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“Stand By Me” meets “Evil Dead 2” in the 1980’s throwback feature “The House On Forest Drive” a raw blend that mixes coming of age nostalgia with over the top violence and gore, a real B-rate Bloodbath of enjoyment, with plenty demon bashing BMX action, what’s not to love.

Mitch Morse

The 80s is back in a big way, thanks to Stranger Things. I’d like to welcome our campy overlords of horror back to their proper place, but in order to do that…well, some awesome new creators are going to need help to get there. This one in particular sounds like just the sort of thing to get started with. Let’s make horror films fun again, the protagonists likable, and the gore entertaining. That’s exactly what I thought of when I discovered this kickstarter project, and that’s what I hope you, the readers think, as well.

Sound like the sort of project you’d like to get behind? Then please check it out and do what you can to see it become a delightfully destructive reality.

Netflix/Hulu Instant Horror Watch 2016

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It’s that time of year again. The Fog rolls in on your dvd shelf, eery Carpenter tunes playing as it awaits Halloween, while the echoes of ‘Trick ‘R Treat‘ can almost be heard outside your front door, and The Thing becomes Ravenous for Popcorn…yet, at the same time you wonder why these film references I just made seem to be disproportionately John Carpenter titles and a few other random titles thrown in. It’s like this game is Child’s Play, a veritable Witches of Eastwick

Okay, that last one didn’t make sense at all, even as a play on words. Anyway, this October I decided to not only post the instant watch list on time (for once), but mix it with some Hulu for variety. Alas and alack, it’s mainly because Netflix really didn’t roll out with much for horror this October…and the proportion of films I actually wanted to watch that I hadn’t seen…well, this just seemed to be a little bit less painful. So, without further ado, the list begins…

1st. – The Rite


2nd. – The Silence of the Lambs


3rd. Most Likely toDie


4th. Hollows Grove


5th. Dead Set (this one is actually a show, but it’s 5 episodes, boiling it down to the length of one film. Plus, it’s awesome.)


6th. The Lodge


7th. Para Elisa


8th. 2001 Maniacs


9th. The Babadook


10th. Cujo


11th. Would You Rather


12th. All Hallows Eve: October 30th


13th. Stung


14th. Offpsring


15th. Curve


16th. Poor Pretty Eddie


17th. The Damned


18th. Beneath (2007)


19th. The Veil


20th. Occupant


21st. Final Girl


22nd. Stranded


23rd. Deformed Monsters


24th. Comforting Skin


25th. The House at the End of Time


26th. Witching & Bitching


27th. Out of the Dark


28th. Castle Freak


29th. The Host


30th. The Fury


31st. Jaws

Book(s) of the Week: Monster of the Year

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As a kid, when I wanted a spooky book at the school library, I’ll admit I judged everything by the cover. In early elementary school, I adored the card catalogue (I’m sure some of you remember those huge filing cabinets with ‘key words’ scrawled in .2 size font.) I knew that without fail, Bruce Coville always had books with the best covers. I still remember the day I found this book based on the key word ‘monster’.

It was cute, it was fun, and it was perfect for a kid like myself…who enjoyed nothing more than putting as many monsters together in one story as possible. It’s basically about a boy who gets a gift from his dad: a billboard. He can do anything he wants with that little bit of ad space…so he decides to make something fun. A piece of art for a ‘monster contest’. What he doesn’t expect, however, is monsters from around the world showing up to take part. Who knew roadside ads were so effective?

Halloween Playlist 2014

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Digging in the digital closet for a few tunes to liven up an otherwise dead party? Well, don’t worry. The 2014 playlist is finally ready, with 13 tracks old and new. Spooky and fun enough to get the bones rattling.


Click Here For the Playlist

Hallow-Holics Podcast, Ep. 7: ‘Infested’ and Old Time Radio

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In this episode of the podcast, we read a dramatization of an audio play I wrote a couple of years ago for a play writing class. A story about a woman battling couch cancer. Literally a giant blob of cancer living on her couch. We also chat a bit on the topic of old time horror radio, and even touch on the new Hannibal tv series.


Netflix Horror Instant Watch List 2014

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Now that we’re really getting the ball rolling, I’ve got this year’s October Netflix list for every day of the month. What does that mean? It means I invite you guys to join me in watching each and every one of the movies on this list every day of the month. You get a freebie for yesterday, but if you really want to make up for it…it was I Sell the Dead.

This year I’m diving into dangerous territory, I have not seen many of these. But it will be an interesting experience for all of us. Plus, plenty of fodder for our weekly podcast.

October 2nd – Never Sleep Again
October 3rd – Madhouse
October 4th – We Are The Night
October 5th – Hellgate
October 6th – The Iron Rose
October 7th – Visible Secret
October 8th – Shakma
October 9th – Devil’s Kiss
October 10th – Appetite
October 11th – The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant
October 12th – The Bloody Judge
October 13th – The Vineyard
October 14th – Absence
October 15th – Shallow Ground
October 16th – Hellraiser
October 17th – Dread
October 18th – Scourge
October 19th – New Year’s Evil
October 20th – Stalled
October 21st – Nightmare City
October 22nd – Proteus
October 23rd – Daughters of Satan
October 24th – Return to Horror High
October 25th – The Evictors
October 26th – The Spell
October 27th – Edgar Allen Poe’s Murders in the Rue Morgue
October 28th – Dumplings

A quick note on Dumplings, if you have a weak stomach…probably best to skip this one.

October 29th – Virgin Witch
October 30th – Monkey Shines
October 31st – Brain Dead