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Episode 42 – The Halloween Spook-Tacular, Part 4

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You want a blockbuster special? Well kid, you got it. That’s right, everyone’s favorite Halloween movies at long last. No more Loomis. No more Jamie. All Michael, all the time! Can Corey and Maddy survive to the very end? Probably not, but they tried their best! In this episode we discuss H20 and Resurrection.

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Mod Podge Coffee Table

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I pride myself on ‘planning’ to do things. I always ‘plan’ to decorate for the holidays (Christmas and Halloween being the big ones), but always finding a reason to put it off until the big day is gone–and why would I be decorating for Halloween in November? This isn’t a holiday themed post, however, it’s a project I’ve been meaning to get to since I was 23. Buying a crappy coffee table and mod podging the hell out of it with horror lobby cards.

Not to worry. The cards were re-prints. I’m not a monster. Below is the table in question, a chipped piece of pressed wood junk I got from Goodwill for 5 bucks. Cleaned the surface and prepped my paint in a Halloween-themed paper plate.


Started by sloppily giving the edge of the tabletop a black coat just to cover up the worst of the scratches.


After that, because I had a crap-ton of paint leftover, figured I might as well use what I could just in case there were spaces in-between the lobby cards–or I gave up and decided I would just have a weird painted monster instead of a mod podge masterpiece.


Hey, those bits there kinda look like bats! Totally intentional.


Rounded edges on the table, so I had to use a hobby knife to trim the corners of the cards. Then globbed on the mod podge glue like there was no tomorrow. Quick tip – – an 8 oz bottle is never enough. Lesson learned.


Not gonna lie, halfway through I stopped caring about precision, and more about just finishing it. So I dumped half the bottle out.


Finished layering the cards. Wiped off the top to brighten up the pictures a bit. Sprayed some sealant and BOOM!



Episode 41 – The Halloween Spook-Tacular, Part 3

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In this episode, we discuss parts 5 and 6, in which Donald Pleasence plays his final roles in the Halloween series, and Michael gets multiple make-overs. But first, Maddy and Corey discuss the latest horror pack and do a dramatic re-enactment of a questionable fan fiction crossover.

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Book of the Week: Vintage Halloween Collectibles – 3rd ed., by Mark B. Ledenbach

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I’m not sure if I’ve told you guys this yet, but I’m going to grad school for Library Science right now. Terribly relevant? Not really. Still, had a major assignment over the summer that required an interview and a tour at a local library. Not going to name the location, because I don’t think that’d be fair to them – – but their nonfiction section was lacking. Terribly. Most of it was gardening books, I’m not going to lie. That wasn’t the point of my visit anyway, but I just can’t resist digging for some good horror-related books when I’m at any store or library. That’s how I found this hidden gem near the end of the aisle, sandwiched between a couple of books on furniture shopping. Vintage Halloween Collectibles — 3rd ed., by Mark B. Ledenbach.


The pictures of old Halloween cards, toys, decorations and the like inside this book are an absolute delight. It’s the cutest little collection of eclectic demons and ghosts from yester-year I would gladly fill my apartment with if I had the money to go wild, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the decor Hobby Lobby has been stocking for the last 2-3 years (looking at you black cats in clown costumes), were heavily inspired by this book. So, for those of you looking to do some creative decorating or who just want to look at some cool pictures, this book is a must-read.

Halloween Playlist 2018

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Looking for an eclectic playlist for your Halloween party this year? Not just music, but cartoons, movies, and comedic skits? Well, I’ve got you guys covered! I do not apologize, however, for my heavily 80s influenced horror. It just couldn’t be helped.


Horror Movie Alternate Endings

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Thanks to a weekend of Halloween 6 (and visiting the bizarre alternate ending), I thought it might be fun to look at the creepy twists – – that never were. Yes, the newer dvd did feature the Little Shop of Horror theatrical bad ending, but the original release didn’t, which is why I’m including it. Frankly, tidied up, I kinda like the Bad Dreams one…

Halloween Bath Bomb Recipes

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There are two times you’ll find yourself routinely soaking in boiling water: when you’re in the process of becoming a delicious stew for your friendly neighborhood cannibals, and when you’re just in the mood for a nice bath. Me, personally, I like my baths hot enough to turn me lobster red. As far as being prepared for a meal goes, I’d like to at least thing I didn’t get the same kind of crustacean treatment, but you can’t always pick and choose. Cannibals probably don’t like the taste of bath salts, bombs, or soaps. Even if the smell is incredible. Then, when it comes to having an amazing soak in your bathtub, those things can get so darn expensive! 8-12 dollars just for a bath? Surely you want something more out of it than a half hour soak. That’s where these awesome crafty recipes come in, just in time for Halloween season….they may only last for a couple of minutes, but they sure are fun to make.

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