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Horror Flick of the Week: Nightmare Castle (1965)

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It is no secret that a disgustingly high number of classic films, and especially Italian ones, found themselves butchered terribly in their transitions to the American screen. I’ve heard Nightmare Castle is no exception, but if you’re looking for the full version, you can find it under the title of ‘The Faceless Monster’. The discrepancy is 11 minutes. Pacing and I believe a bit of violence being the key missing bits…



However, I am not necesarilly a purist about these things. Because I can still enjoy it on its own if I haven’t seen the original first, and that’s why I’d recommend Nightmare Castle to any fan of B movies, Italian Gothic horror, Bava-esque settings, and of course…Barbara Steele. The one and only.

Throughout this film, I found myself mostly appreciating the set…the house…the costumes…and the fact that it really wasn’t as slow as some people would have you believe. Especially if you’re used to the sort of dragging elements Italian cinema is especially known for, the general classic philosophy of their filmmaking being that ‘cinema is about the art and the experience, not the plot or the philosophy of being concise.’ Taking that into consideration, there’s quite a bit of plot in this that you wouldn’t otherwise expect. A mad scientist tortures his adulterous wife to death, uses her blood to youthen their maid (who is obviously his dish on the side), then marries her step (or half) sister to get the family property and fortune…did I mention Barbara Steele is in dual roles? Barbara Steele is in dual roles.

A great film for the approaching holiday season. Check it out as soon as possible, and especially if it’s dark and stormy in your neck of the woods. You won’t regret it.


Ghost-Proof Your House

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As Halloween draws near, I know I can’t be the only person concerned about unwanted spirits trying to snatch candy from my doorstep pretending to be children. Or worse, trying to snatch my soul while I’m sleeping, possibly even curse my family for generations. So it’s probably a good idea for us to explore our options to ensure a spook-free spooky day. That won’t be too hard, thanks to these tips from around the world. Now you can practice prevention, and save yourself countless legal and/or religious fees when you have to get your dog exorcised.


Unlucky Math

Now, I’m sure you all know the number one fear of ghosts and spirits all around the planet. Yes, that’s right. NUMBERS. They can’t stand certain numbers. It probably has something to do with traumatic afterlife math exams, and seeing the wrong numbers can either send them flying into a destructive rage, leaving your house dripping with ectoplasm…or drive them away. Now, in places like Japan, it’s a safe bet to avoid the number ‘4’. So skip out on the addresses with ‘4’ in them, the floors with 4 on them, the hospital wings with ‘4’ around them…in fact, just to be certain, you’d better start jumping from 3 to 5 when you count. Now that I think about it, do the same thing with ’13’ as well. And any math equation with ’13’ and ‘4’ involved in the same formula…well, that’s just downright begging for trouble.



Thanks to modern technology, and the magic of spray bottles, we can condense just about anything into a spritz-friendly form. No longer will you have to cleanse your home and set off the smoke detector at the same time. As we all know, spirits hate cooking. More than cooking, they hate sage…it leaves an awful taste in the mouths of the damned and the wondering souls tormented already by modern interior decorating choices. With the aid of burnt sage, or a useful spray as the one above, you can simply waft those pesky spooks out the door. You probably shouldn’t spray this on your food, though…



Use your mirrors responsibly. If someone is ill or preparing to shuffle off their mortal coil, keep mirrors out of the room at all costs. As we all know, people are highly susceptible to having their souls sucked out of them in weakened states, due to the powerful nature of science and maths, refraction and light…something like that…basically mirrors bad. Also, avoid looking in them at night or by candle-light, or you’re just inviting trouble. If your loved one refuses to part with their vanity table during their final hours, try and at least point the mirror in the other direction, because not only are they risking being trapped in that mirror…but also becoming a vampire. Apparently. It’s also a good idea to avoid sleeping in front of a mirror, and just keep that baby moving around the house. You never know when evil spirits might be sneaking around, and they just love looking at themselves.


Feng Shui

As I’m sure you can infer from the above highly-detailed chart, Feng Shui is essential in ensuring that your life does not fall to pieces in a horrible raging fire thanks to your poor decisions and choices when it comes to picking both your furniture and the exact location of said furniture. What most people neglect to mention is the most important fact of all about Feng Shui: it guards your house from unwanted ghost guests. That’s right, spirits can’t stand a well-put-together interior decorating plan. They hate brightness, holy objects, clean homes, and bathrooms without windows. They do like houses packed with yin, however. So keep in mind that sometimes a feminine (yin) touch may not be so great when you’re looking to keep spirits away. If you want to make sure to keep the yin low, stay away from cemeteries and churches, make sure you’ve got a lotta wang energy coming in through your front door, and do NOT forget this…under no circumstances should you plant willows or banana trees in your yard. Witches love bananas.

Horror Flick of the Week: 13 Curses/Trece Campanadas

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As I was preparing for our upcoming podcast episode (at long last), I recalled a movie I’d seen last year. Excellent atmosphere, an interesting story arc, and a good example of a movie on my incredibly long Netflix list that I had put off way too long before actually watching it.


13 Curses (Trece Campanadas) is the story of a young man going back to the town he spent his childhood in before a mysterious accident occurred one stormy night claiming the life of his father and the sanity of his mother.

His father was an incredible artist with inclinations towards the more morbid side of sculpting, which in itself is always pretty awesome when you’re dealing with vengeful spirit movies. But of course, this is more than that. Much more. Luis Tosar delivers an incredible performance as the ghost and memory of Mateo, the main character’s father. This was actually one of my first Luis Tosar films, and it’s a great entry into his lexicon.

The Spanish language itself lends itself to incredible horror potential. There’s something about the sound, the passion of the words themselves, and I just don’t know if 13 Curses would have been nearly as good if it had been of the English fare. An absolutely incredible movie worth a watch on any night.

Drive-in Trailers: Spooky Spooks

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At long last, the movie trailers return…from the grave? Not physically, of course. It’s only digital media. Speaking of digital media, let’s watch trailers about ghosts. If you try to believe hard enough, that segue makes sense.

Book(s) Of the Week: “In The Haunted House”

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Our recent podcast episode brought to mind a few children’s books I’d like to recommend. Not suggestions for the adult audience, of course, but perhaps for parents. I was recently at a teacher’s store with my mom helping her shop for supplies, and I spotted this little gem on the shelf. Needless to say I couldn’t help myself. I had to read it…


Written in rhyme, as I find a lot of holiday books tend to be, each page has a cute illustration, most of them with flaps to open up. Not strictly a pop-up book, because there are no tabs to pull, but the illustrations rather reminded me of a less dark Edward Gorey.

I wish I could share some of the pictures inside, but it’s a very short book, and much nicer to see them on the page anyway. This is a perfect way to start October off this year for the little ones. I’d even say it’s easily a classic, based on the art alone.

Horror Flick of the Week: Sugar Hill (1974)

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For those of you distraught at the seemingly small selection of watchable horror on Netflix instant, rejoice. I have found a movie (I’d been looking for for ages) that will tickle your fashion bone, chill your spine bone, and remind you just how good an exploitation film can be. I speak of course, of Sugar Hill.



Now I’m hoping you managed to get the plot from that quick trailer, and I’m sure you might have caught that it’s rather like a combination between Dr. Phibes/Theatre of Blood/Cleopatra Jones. If you didn’t, trust me…it is. What’s more, I watched the movie expecting more slash and hack deaths for the bad guys than the sheer variety of epic murders delivered to me. There’s of course, the voodoo, plenty of zombies (with some of the most interesting make-up I’ve ever seen), the massage parlor massacre, and more. It’s just…god it’s good.


Half the time, I was thinking about how awesome the storyline was…and how deliciously campy-cheesy it managed to be, while still maintaining quite excellent film quality for the genre. The other half of the time, I was reminded that the 70s get a horrible wrap for clothes, which really isn’t justified. Just look at all the glamorous get-ups she wears in that trailer, the gorgeous hairstyles, and those INCREDIBLE LEISURE SUITS!


Well, what are you waiting for? Watch it. Watch it now! QUICKLY!

Vintage Comics – Ghost Comics: Ghost Squadron and Ghost Gallery 3 (Pg 20 – Pg. 33)

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We continue our long-awaited return to this vintage issue, the first story I’ll show you today tries it’s best to be strongly patriotic towards American spirit, yet…every time the heroine learns something or thinks of something important, she looks more like a scheming villain. The second story focuses on angels and kidnapping. Neither are very spooky, but hey…the way they draw ghosts is interesting.

Ghost Comics 02 - 20 Ghost Squadron

Ghost Comics 02 - 21 writer - Capt. Derek West

Ghost Comics 02 - 22 ---

Ghost Comics 02 - 23 ---

Ghost Comics 02 - 24 ---

Ghost Comics 02 - 25 ---

Ghost Comics 02 - 26 ---

Ghost Comics 02 - 27 The Ghost Gallery, Boy Kidnapped

Ghost Comics 02 - 28 writer - Drew Murdoch

Ghost Comics 02 - 29 ---

Ghost Comics 02 - 30 ---

Ghost Comics 02 - 31 ---

Ghost Comics 02 - 32 ---

Ghost Comics 02 - 33 ---