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Vintage Comics: Nightmare, Issue #3: The Werewolf of Washington Square, Cup of Moonglow (Cover – Pg. 13)

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Whew! Almost mid-October (happy Friday the 13th, and I hope you’re enjoying a bit of Jason slaughter today!) The posts are warming up, and so is my grad school homework. Still, I’ve found time to upload yet another vintage comic. This one is in far worse shape than the others I’ve managed to scrounge up, but the art is – – well, how should I put it? Cartoonier? A little more offbeat? Somehow, at the same time, certain elements of these stories are also pretty detailed towards realism. In fact, the werewolf face is remarkably similar to Dr. Hyde in the ’31 film. 21 years after the fact, I can’t help but wonder if the artist sourced a lobby card or old poster, perhaps?

Following on the tail-end of the glory days (pre-code horror comics), I sort of appreciate the pulp-ish inspiration they clearly drew from on the cover art. It’s also a victim of radio-style dialog, per usual for the earlier stuff, but there’s a certain charm to that too. The first story is…well…I mean it’s a basic werewolf plot. Incredbly basic. Bare bones down to the character name (Eric Lupin.) The second story proves yet another age-old fact. You can’t trust men. You can’t trust women. You definitely can’t trust gigantic Amazonian witch snakes.

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Vintage Comics – Baffling Mysteries, Issue 5 : The Lady Was a TIGER, Baffling Mystery 1, Underwater Mystery, Baffling Mystery 2, Terror in the Coal Pits (15-End)

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Bringing you the second half of Baffling Mysteries, Issue 5, I realized this was actually a fairly short issue compared to some of the other comics I’ve shared. It was one story too short to split into three entries, but a couple too long to really be an average length post. Still, ’tis the season, so here’s a few extra pages for your enjoyment.

What I liked most in this issue was the coloring. A lot of wonderful vibrancy. Most of the stories fell short of being satisfyingly dark. To tell you the truth, it felt like reading a diet version of Hand of Fate, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.



Vintage Comics – Black Magic, Issue #1: The Idol, When You Were Alive, My Dolly Is The Devil (32-End)

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Right before Halloween, we come to the end of our current issue. The first story today features an antique…Krishna-Buddha fusion statue? I’m not sure. I’ve never heard of Buddha having 6 arms…but it doesn’t really matter. Such a short story, I was actually surprised by the ending. It’s honestly one of my favorites I’ve read in the comics I’ve shared so far. But I love bitter irony.

The second story is a unique twist on an age-old urban legend, of a young girl trying to get home…but never makes it, and always leaves whatever innocent driver who decided to give her a lift with a chill down his spine. Enjoyable, short, and one of the better versions of the story I’ve read.

Finally, our last story…is vaguely reminiscent of a classic Twilight Zone episode, with a much creepier looking doll.

Black Magic 01 pg 32 Black Magic 01 pg 33 Black Magic 01 pg 35 Black Magic 01 pg 36 Black Magic 01 pg 37 Black Magic 01 pg 38 Black Magic 01 pg 39 Black Magic 01 pg 40 Black Magic 01 pg 42 Black Magic 01 pg 43 Black Magic 01 pg 44 Black Magic 01 pg 45 Black Magic 01 pg 46 Black Magic 01 pg 47 Black Magic 01 pg 48

Vintage Comics – Black Magic, Issue #1: Last Second of Life, The Woman in the Mirror (Cover-16)

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My first impression when I looked at the Black Magic series was ‘wow’. The art style is frankly excellent. Super Hero comic quality, in fact. I decided to do a little looking, and it turns out the series was made by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby…so no wonder the quality is so good. Seeing as the series started in the 50s, too, it’s a bit later than most of the comics I’ve featured so far. In fact, reading this, I grew a little irritated just thinking about how difficult it can be to find good (old) horror comics at the shops I’ve been to. Usually you’ll find gems like this tucked into the back of a ‘Misc.’ box, or beneath a stack of comics nobody has bothered to sort yet.

The stories in Black Magic are classic ones, the kind we’ve seen in many forms for decades on shows and in books. The first one features a man with little respect for death, and even less for the dying. He decides to seek the knowledge of things beyond life best left unknown. The second story proves a point I made in yesterday’s article…that mirrors are downright evil, and old ones are even worse.

Black Magic 01 pg 01 Black Magic 01 pg 03 Black Magic 01 pg 04 Black Magic 01 pg 05 Black Magic 01 pg 06 Black Magic 01 pg 07 Black Magic 01 pg 08 Black Magic 01 pg 09 Black Magic 01 pg 10 Black Magic 01 pg 11 Black Magic 01 pg 12 Black Magic 01 pg 14 Black Magic 01 pg 15 Black Magic 01 pg 16 Black Magic 01 pg 17 Black Magic 01 pg 18 Black Magic 01 pg 19

Vintage Comics – Adventures Into Darkness, Issue 6: The Return of the Thunderbird, The Strange Cats of Killough Heath, The Phantom Horseman (Pg 23-End)

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It’s time once more for vintage comics day, and with this entry I’m winding up the end of yet another issue. The first story kind of threw me off, with the somewhat predictable dialogue and the Native American curse coming out of nowhere, but I’d love to see someone try to turn it into a short film as a tribute to old (poorly-made) B movies. The second one is fantastic…combining cats, skeleton knights, revenge, madness, an old Irish castle…needless to say, I really enjoyed it.

Page_23 Page_24 Page_25 Page_26 Page_27 Page_28 Page_29 Page_30 Page_31 Page_32 Page_33

Vintage Comics – Adventures Into Darkness, Issue 6: Corpse Convention, The Thing from the Sea (Pg 11 – Pg. 22)

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Right on time for the new ‘Hotel Transylvania 2’, we’ve got a story in Adventures into Darkness featuring a creepy hotel. Complete coincidence, figured it was worth mentioning anyway. As someone who actually worked in hotel, I can honestly say I would avoid the kind that had so many guests milling about the lobby at such an ungodly hour…but I guess that would defeat the purpose of the story, wouldn’t it?

Page_11 Page_12 Page_13 Page_14 Page_15 Page_16 Page_17 Page_18 Page_19 Page_20 Page_21 Page_22

Vintage Comics: Horrific, Issue #1: Hangman’s Holiday & The Refugee From a Locked Cabin (Cover – Pg. 15 )

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A pretty short-running series in the early 50s, horrific has some intriguing art, and even more intriguing elements pointing out exactly the sort of thing that made horror comics so devious that parents had to protect their children from being polluted with such evils. For instance…evidence of psychological imbalances…in a child! The first story, Hangman’s Holiday, reminds me an awful lot of the first episode of Tales From the Crypt, a series that saw it’s birth in the comic format as well, released around the same period as Horrific. Our second story touches on one of my favorite subjects…revenge from beyond the crave. Honestly, this is some of the higher quality vintage horror I’ve read, and though not absolutely original (there’s no such thing as a unique story), it has the right amount of…viciousness…to make you grip at your sheets when the lights go down at night.

Horrific 001 pg 01

Horrific 001 pg 03

Horrific 001 pg 04

Horrific 001 pg 05

Horrific 001 pg 06

Horrific 001 pg 07

Horrific 001 pg 08

Horrific 001 pg 09

Horrific 001 pg 10

Horrific 001 pg 11

Horrific 001 pg 12

Horrific 001 pg 13

Horrific 001 pg 14

Horrific 001 pg 15

Horrific 001 pg 16 Horrific 001 pg 17