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Netflix/Hulu Instant Horror Watch 2016

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It’s that time of year again. The Fog rolls in on your dvd shelf, eery Carpenter tunes playing as it awaits Halloween, while the echoes of ‘Trick ‘R Treat‘ can almost be heard outside your front door, and The Thing becomes Ravenous for Popcorn…yet, at the same time you wonder why these film references I just made seem to be disproportionately John Carpenter titles and a few other random titles thrown in. It’s like this game is Child’s Play, a veritable Witches of Eastwick

Okay, that last one didn’t make sense at all, even as a play on words. Anyway, this October I decided to not only post the instant watch list on time (for once), but mix it with some Hulu for variety. Alas and alack, it’s mainly because Netflix really didn’t roll out with much for horror this October…and the proportion of films I actually wanted to watch that I hadn’t seen…well, this just seemed to be a little bit less painful. So, without further ado, the list begins…

1st. – The Rite


2nd. – The Silence of the Lambs


3rd. Most Likely toDie


4th. Hollows Grove


5th. Dead Set (this one is actually a show, but it’s 5 episodes, boiling it down to the length of one film. Plus, it’s awesome.)


6th. The Lodge


7th. Para Elisa


8th. 2001 Maniacs


9th. The Babadook


10th. Cujo


11th. Would You Rather


12th. All Hallows Eve: October 30th


13th. Stung


14th. Offpsring


15th. Curve


16th. Poor Pretty Eddie


17th. The Damned


18th. Beneath (2007)


19th. The Veil


20th. Occupant


21st. Final Girl


22nd. Stranded


23rd. Deformed Monsters


24th. Comforting Skin


25th. The House at the End of Time


26th. Witching & Bitching


27th. Out of the Dark


28th. Castle Freak


29th. The Host


30th. The Fury


31st. Jaws


Horror Flick of the Week: Nightmare Castle (1965)

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It is no secret that a disgustingly high number of classic films, and especially Italian ones, found themselves butchered terribly in their transitions to the American screen. I’ve heard Nightmare Castle is no exception, but if you’re looking for the full version, you can find it under the title of ‘The Faceless Monster’. The discrepancy is 11 minutes. Pacing and I believe a bit of violence being the key missing bits…



However, I am not necesarilly a purist about these things. Because I can still enjoy it on its own if I haven’t seen the original first, and that’s why I’d recommend Nightmare Castle to any fan of B movies, Italian Gothic horror, Bava-esque settings, and of course…Barbara Steele. The one and only.

Throughout this film, I found myself mostly appreciating the set…the house…the costumes…and the fact that it really wasn’t as slow as some people would have you believe. Especially if you’re used to the sort of dragging elements Italian cinema is especially known for, the general classic philosophy of their filmmaking being that ‘cinema is about the art and the experience, not the plot or the philosophy of being concise.’ Taking that into consideration, there’s quite a bit of plot in this that you wouldn’t otherwise expect. A mad scientist tortures his adulterous wife to death, uses her blood to youthen their maid (who is obviously his dish on the side), then marries her step (or half) sister to get the family property and fortune…did I mention Barbara Steele is in dual roles? Barbara Steele is in dual roles.

A great film for the approaching holiday season. Check it out as soon as possible, and especially if it’s dark and stormy in your neck of the woods. You won’t regret it.

Spooky Radio: My Favorite Stories

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Often, I find myself listening to old-time radio in-between podcasts when I drive to/from work. Because if there’s a way to squeeze more horror into my day, I’ll figure it out. There’s plenty of them that were so unremarkable, that I’ll be halfway through listening to one and then remember I’d already heard it a year ago…but there are also some that have always stuck with me. The following is a short list of my favorite old-time radio episodes I suggest for any avid fan of spooky sounds. Most can be found searching on Itunes or even through my links.


Theater 5 – The Talkers

This series ran in the early 60s, and a vast majority of the episodes were science fiction-themed (which in my opinion, often borders the light between fantasy and horror.) This story in particular is a simple conversation between two men after a horrific event caused by humankind has led people to start…changing…into bug-like creatures. The more they breathe, the worse it gets.


Dimension X – Marrionettes Inc.

Hosted in 1950 by NBC, this show only lasted a year. Another Science Fiction show, with couple of quite gruesome episodes. This one intrigues me because it has an interesting twist on the idea of a human-like robot servant. A man learns he can use a robot to fool his wife so he can take a much-needed vacation…unfortunately, the robots in question don’t want to give up their places when their owners return.

Lights Out – It Happened


This show was a little more prolific than the others, running well near 15 years. It hopped station to station, and even spawned an actual tv show. It’s also one of the earlier horror shows on the radio, so quite historically important in it’s own right. Sometimes, when I look back at this episode in my memory, I get a chill just imagining how awful it would be to go through what the young girl in this one had to…trying to run away for a bit of fun, being trapped in a sewer, and forced into servitude to make ‘jewelry’ for a maniac.


Mysterious Traveler – The Good Die Young


Mysterious Traveler had it’s life in both radio and print, and in various different genres. The Good Die Young is an excellent little morsel about an evil little girl. What’s more, I wouldn’t be surprised if The Bad Seed heavily borrowed from it, because that’s all I could think about when I first heard this show.



Lights Out – Cat Wife


Yet another episode from Lights Out. Cat Wife makes you wonder what is truly worse…marrying a beautiful but hateful woman, or loving a man-eating cat?

The Price of Fear – Cat’s Cradle


I mentioned this one in an episode of my podcast, once upon a time. Suffice it to say, the whole series was voiced by…Vincent Price. So it’s incredible, of course. Cat’s Cradle in particular is interesting, because I’m always worried whether or not a spiteful cat has it out for me.


Nightfall – Guest of Honor


A bit newer than the others, this one was hosted by CBC in the early 80s. A dark story, but not quite as grim as most of the others I’ve recommended. It’s about a high-class woman who has simply seen too much in life, and has become so bored that she decides to invite death to a party…death accepts.

Vintage Comics: Monster, Issue #1: The Monster, The Mirror (Cover – Pg. 14)

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Don’t let the Burt Reynolds-esque Hulk on the cover deceive you. The monster in this comic looks nothing like that. In this first comic, I didn’t have so much fun with the actual story as just admiring the style. I love the heavy shadows and expressions the artist employs with all of the characters in this comic. The second story was equally impressive with it’s own flare of style and femme fatales. I honestly just wish the second one could have been a bit longer and the first a bit shorter.


Monster 01 - 01 front cover - Maurice Whitman Monster 01 - 04 The Monster Monster 01 - 05 --- Monster 01 - 06 --- Monster 01 - 07 --- Monster 01 - 08 --- Monster 01 - 09 --- Monster 01 - 10 --- Monster 01 - 11 --- Monster 01 - 12 --- Monster 01 - 13 --- Monster 01 - 14 The Mirror Monster 01 - 15 --- Monster 01 - 16 --- Monster 01 - 17 ---

Horror Flick of the Week: Nightbreed (1990)

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As Halloween approaches, I’m reminded of a film I watched all the time as a kid. Despite some massive butchering and very confusing cuts as a result, I always had plenty of fun watching all of the weird underground mutant people acting crazy as shit (as they tend to in any Clive Barker story.)

Imagine Hellraiser if the protagonist WANTED to become a Cenobyte, and if there wasn’t a puzzle box but instead a weird cult dynamic. That’s pretty much Nightbreed in the form that I’ve seen. Now on the 28th (6 days from now as I’m posting this little feature) Scream Factory is releasing a special Blu-ray/DVD with the cut we’re all familiar with AND a director’s cut. Apparently that one is incredible, and I personally can not wait to see it. But you’ve got to admire a movie that somehow manages to be entertaining, even if it loses a massive amount of relevant plot points after a massacre in the cutting room.


Vintage Comics – Eerie, Issue. 8: Halfway to Hades, The Secret Files of Dr. Drew (Pg. 15-28)

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Sometimes I suspect artists are only capable of drawing people their own age, and the concept of children or young adults escapes them. That aside, I bring you another section of the Eerie issue with even more lush backgrounds and character details. It’s always nice to see them not skimping on the little things. For some reason this first story reminds me of ‘Minnie the Moocher’ and (one of my favorite songs) ‘The Ghost of Smoky Joe’.


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Horror Flick of the Week: White Zombie (1932)

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Poster - White Zombie_21


A year after the success of Dracula, Bela Lugosi found himself onscreen in another (though much more independent) feature which featured his piercing gaze at it’s best. Oh sure. White Zombie is not an excellent example of acting, most of it is your typical 30s low-budget ham. But…there’s a certain charm in this film.

One thing I particularly like is that the heroine shares my name, but a more relevant aspect I’d like to mention is her acting in particular once she becomes zombified. The lead actress, Madge Bellamy, was a relatively popular silent film actress. So her over-the-top gesticulating and posing is really a relic of the previous decade, and it’s very clear in this movie how drastic the transition between talkie acting and silent acting was becoming. Now I’m not criticizing the style at all, I actually love it…in a silent movie. Somehow when she’s this angelic zombie, though, it really works. I suppose it helps that she doesn’t say anything else until the very end of the picture. She’s rather like the ghost of the 20s, stepping through into the 30s to give a final good-bye to the old style in exchange for the new.

If you are a fan of zombie pictures, this is an essential…because it’s one of (if not) the first zombie movies. Not your Fulci-style corpses, but the old-fashioned voodoo kind. People seemingly dead, put into mental slavery through means of a devilish concoction and…if the lobby card up there isn’t a slight hint…the gaze (and I guess hands) of their zombie master.

The combination of some silent film style acting, the music, and the constant close-ups when Lugosi uses his powers…reminds me of ballet. It’s really quite beautiful.

Lugosi is great in this, in the way only he could have been, dastardly and disturbing. There’s no doubt the man had massive screen presence. Some of the pacing is slow, which is to be expected, but I think anyone who really loves the horror genre really needs to devote some time to White Zombie, if not from an entertainment perspective alone, then at least for the historical aspects.