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Popcorn Ball Recipes

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Leaving town this weekend, so I’ve got to get this one ready for you guys fast! Halloween is an epic time for all things sweet and/or spooky, but sometimes chocolate just doesn’t cut it. You want something more substantial, yet easy to transport without getting your fingers coated in delicious salty butter grease. So, why not try a couple of popcorn balls? It’s got the best of all the candy food groups: salty, sweet, compact, and classic! So, without further ado, check out some awesome recipes I found by amazing creators!


Book(s) of the Week: “A Treasury of Great Recipes”

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It’s the Price fan in me that makes me think of this book for the week. Known for his stage, screen, and radio work…Mister Price was a renaissance man. He had an excellent art collection to boot, he was a connoisseur of the finer things in life too.




True, there’s nothing horrific about this book. It’s a cookbook. But it’s a very good one. You won’t find any recipes featuring human heads, however I doubt there’s much meat on them anyway.