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Podcast, Episode 19 – Horror Down South

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In this episode, we discuss Southern and Hillbilly horror, including Dark Night of the Scarecrow and the 2000 Maniacs films. We also touch on a little horror news and bring back the ‘guess that movie kill’ game from the Friday the 13th episode.


Horror Flick of the Week: 1922 (2017)

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I swear I’m not trying to be King-centric this month, but I just watched this movie yesterday and it was amazing. It’s on par with the absolute best film adaptations of King stories, and miles ahead of the worst ones (I’m looking at you ‘Sometimes They Come Back Again’ and ‘Maximum Overdrive’, even though I secretly love you both.) This also may be the first Netflix original I’ve recommended on here, which actually makes me think I’ll have to do a short list of must-see Netflix horror later.


After the establishing sequence with the cracking walls, I was hooked. Ghosts. Rats. Guilt. Murder. Greed. There’s so much atmosphere, powerful direction, fantastic acting and cinematography. Thomas Jane was unrecognizable, and he really earned a lot of respect from me for his performance. He is what ultimately makes this dark horror, about a man living a hard life of his own accord and destroying it spectacularly over the course of one year, through a combination of his own choices and reaping what he sows. 1922. If you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor and watch it tonight.

Vintage Comics: Nightmare, Issue #3: The Wonderful Wizard, The Quivering Brain, The Witches Sabbath, etc. (Pg. 14 – End)

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With so many stories packed into so few pages, I was unable to fit them all in the title, so the additional two at the end of this comic are: ‘Charles Fort, The Supreme Doubter’ and ‘Crafton’s Curse’.The first story here seems to have far too much stuff packed into each page for the reader to follow the first time around, and there’s an additional character drawing eerily reminiscent of Peter Cushing (but just a little too early for that to be anything but a coincidence.) It’s actually the ‘true story’, albeit brief, of Daniel Dunglas Home, a man reputed to be able to fly, levitate objects, contact the dead, and predict the future. I can’t imagine what a show by that guy would’ve been like, and I definitely plan on doing a write-up of him in the future. I mean if you look up photos of him, the guy’s as magnificent as Oscar Wilde in his famous leaning portrait.

The next story gets points just for the title alone. THE QUIVERING BRAIN. You’re also required to always scream a title like that, announcer-style. It’s impossible not to. It’s a bit melodramatic, I’m not going to lie, but I think the concept alone makes it one of my favorite stories I’ve featured on this blog so far. Then we’re lead into a disturbing summary of what constitutes a proper witch’s sabbath, a summary of a historically influential skeptic named Charles Fort, and another story about a mobster getting his just desserts.

All-in-all, not an incredible issue, but some of the concepts are at least ripe for modern revisions.

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Vintage Comics – Skeleton Hand, Issue 1 : Sea of Retribution, Chill Chatter, Death For Hire, Monster of the Deep, The Corpse Under the Carpet (Pg. 12 – end)

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This time around, I decided to celebrate the season you guys deserved a larger portion of the comic at once, so here’s the rest of the first issue of Skeleton Hand. There’s nothing better than a story about a man getting his just desserts, which is altogether my favorite sort of horror. Well, that and the kind that has you really cheering for the innocent victims to get out of whatever grisly mess they’ve ended up in. The first story also happens to be educational as well. I had no idea John Paul Jones founded the American navy! Actually, that’s simplifying what he did, but this isn’t a history lesson, it’s a pre-code comic, so give me a break.

Chill Chatter is an editors’ note, but I thought it was charming enough to be included. Honestly though, some of these stories in this issue are actually a little more gruesome than most of the fare I’ve shared with you guys, and despite the condition, this one quickly became one of my favorites, too. Plus, a zombie named ‘Cracker’?! Who can resist a story like that?

The last two one-off stories are…actually a little funnier than you’d expect, and I think only one of them may have been on purpose.


Horror Flick of the Week: The Witch’s Mirror AKA El Espejo De La Bruja (1962)

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Spanish is a beautiful language, no matter the dialect. Mexican Spanish in particular is the one I’m accustomed to hearing the most (being from Texas.) I love the husky quality of a slow speech in a Mexican film, especially when you combine it with the crackle of old cinema, and the eery atmosphere of shadows created in a black-and-white picture. Combine that with angry witches, curses, mirrors…you’ve got yourself an incredible picture.

On a dark night, preferably a rainy one too, watch this one by candlelight. Keep your phone off. Don’t let anything distract you…and soak it in like a bath. It’s how all true horror should be experienced, especially dark classics like ‘The Witch’s Mirror’, which tells the story of a witch…obviously…who tried to protect her god-daughter, but failed…and seeks vengeance on the young woman’s husband who murdered her through the power of the same magic she had tried using for good.

Vintage Comics – Adventures Into Darkness, Issue 6: The Groping Ghost (Pg Cover – PG. 9)

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Yes, my friends, once more I bring you some vintage comics. Last year you’ll probably remember when I posted Issue 5 of ‘Adventures into Darkness’, and I figured it was time to move on to issue 6. I’d also like to take the time before delving into the beginning of this issue to mention a website dedicated to hosting public domain vintage comics, focusing on many different varieties of genres. Please take some time to swing by if you get the chance, and lend your support if you can to help with hosting fees. A lot of amazing comics will eventually be lost to wear and tear, and preserving them online is our best bet to ensure people can enjoy them for generations to come.

You know, I think film scripts and comics have a lot in common. The best ones ‘show’ and don’t ‘tell’. Sometimes these old comics, and especially of the AiD variety…seem to forget that. Still, just look at that beautiful cover. A man trapped into a fleshless marriage at the local graveyard? Don’t mind if I do! The art in this issue seems even more cartoony at times than Issue 5, which I love. The first issue is your typical vengeful ghost story, rather like the story of the birdwoman in another comic I featured. I hope you enjoy.

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Vintage Comics: Horrific, Issue #1: The Ghost’s Last Laugh, Iron Doom, The Dancer of Death (Pg. 18 – End)

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Finishing up the rest of this issue, Horrific appears to be surprisingly short compared to other series issues I’ve posted. I’d like to start this entry by saying something I think will be on everyone’s minds after reading these pages. Pennypacker is the greatest surname ever created. Also, I wonder if the Ghost’s Last Laugh partially inspired Neil Jordan when he wrote the screenplay for High Spirits? I actually really liked this one, and in fact would go so far as to say it’s just about my favorite written story from any of the comics I posted so far, in it’s charming little way. Any time bureaucracy and economics are brought in to deal with the supernatural, it’s always worth a good laugh. A lot of these stories, such as Iron Death, also really make me long for the days of horror when spooky castles were employed more regularly. Do you hear me, Hollywood? Bring back the cobwebs and the stone ruins, the iron maidens and the tortured souls. Because there are only so many vintage comics left for me to post!

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