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Horror Flick of the Week: Wake Wood (2009)

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I recently (and by recent, I mean last October) joined a fantastic Discord group, where we chat about horror, and watch what essentially amounts to a crap-load of horror movies with a heavy dose of the bad outweighing the good. Don’t get me wrong, though, I love watching the bad ones. We’re not walking into our little streaming theatre with any concept that they’re all going to be winners.

Anyway, on St. Patrick’s day, in honor of Irish horror, I hand-selected a bunch of pretty fun movies. The good. The bad. The downright ugly…this one was one of the best. In fact, I’d frankly say it was the scariest, too.

Even though I myself have never been a parent, and very likely won’t be for quite some time, I can’t imagine there is any greater real terror or tragedy a parent can face than losing their child. This movie takes that idea, throws in some very…odd Irish villagers, gold old-fashioned dark magic with Celtic influences for good measure, and the ever delicious element of ‘breaking the rules’ that leads to the most deliciously dark consequences. I’d like to tell you more, but it’s a fairly simple and straight-forward story you’ll have to discover for yourself.


Horror Flick of the Week: Train to Busan (2016)

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I’m going to preface this with a quick ‘I didn’t actually want to see this movie in the first place, I’m tired of zombies, they’ve never even been at the top of my list for monsters in general.’ But…damn it…this one was awesome. It touched on every little point you need in a good horror adventure. I thought I was honestly about to watch Snowpiercer ‘with zombies!’

This was one of the few times I was glad to be proven wrong. Not to mention, my favorite South Korean actor (Gong Yoo) gets a pretty juicy role in it, too.  I really don’t want to go into much detail, because it’s just a movie you need to watch star to end on your own, but let’s just say if this movie was a video game, I’d probably play it until the disc melted.

Horror Flick of the Week: Eyes of Laura Mars (1978)

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The 70s. Glamour and glitz, a decade with perhaps the most experimentation in materials, colors, and style fashion has ever really seen. Drugs, discos, sequins, furs, scandals, decadence…yes, the 70s had it all in a way the burning-out 80s didn’t quite recapture in quite the same way. Perhaps that was why this movie worked so well.

It’s easy to overlook this movie with a glance, a quick perusal of the description, just a story about a glamorous photographer and a murderer who seems to be copying pose-for-pose every single element of her almost gruesome works. If I had to pick an American movie that really nailed the essence of giallo’s style, it would be this one. Please, do yourself a favor and watch this movie as soon as possible. It will stick with you forever. Plus, there’s a very young Brad Dourif making an appearance in it as well, and who doesn’t love Brad Dourif? Did I mention John Carpenter wrote the initial story-line and early script?

Horror Flick of the Week: The Fly 2 (1989)

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Maybe it’s because the movie came out the year I was born, maybe it’s because I think Eric Stoltz was incredibly cute in this movie. Whatever the reason, I actually prefer this sequel to the remake than the first part.




This is a very good late-night movie, as most of my favorites tend to be. When you’re hardly awake, and your body gives you the option of immediately falling asleep when your head hits the pillow, or to just chill out in front of the tv flipping through the weird stations you don’t bother with during the day. I saw this when I was 12, which was actually the most active late-night movie year in my life.

The combination of atmosphere, setting, and the sheer isolation the protagonist faces dealing with his ‘affliction’…it’s just the perfect formula for a fun horror film. Not to mention it came out right at the peak of incredibly horror SFX before the decline in the mid-90s as the people were discovering they much preferred really bad CGI to the look of actual visceral horror. Can you tell I’m bitter? Yes, I’m bitter. 


There is something in the film too, which I think a lot of horror directors today have forgotten about, and even most non-horror directors. I actually felt for the characters, sympathy. There’s of course room for the anti-hero in a well-written screenplay, but I don’t think it is ever nearly as powerful as caring about what happens to him/her when you’re watching a movie. It makes the next terrible moment actually terrible, and in The Fly 2, there are so many little (and a couple of major) moments that legitimately make me sad every time I watch this, and enhance the power of the more gruesome moments.

With that in mind, if you are an animal lover, the kind who can not handle bad things happening to sweet little pets…maybe you should stay away from this movie.

Horror Flick of the Week: The Walking Dead (1936)

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This is not a film about terror, nor will it strike fear into your heart. It is the sort of horror film that reaches deeper, because it is a tragedy. I picked this movie to highlight for the week, because I believe it is one of Karloff’s best performances.

I feel like with all the hundreds of pictures from this period, the title is almost misleading. Even the description can’t do it justice: John Ellman is wrongfully executed and brought back from the dead by a scientific experiment, and then pursues those who were responsible for his death.


BUT…it’s good that the description is misleading. It’s good that the true story isn’t revealed, at least not the ending. There’s more character in this movie than you would expect, and it is most certainly not the sort of film that deserves to be batched up in a 50-movie monster pack. So much is conveyed through the experiences of this good man, which builds into a wonderful piece.

At the end, you’re left with two questions: should one be brought back from death after having experienced it and when someone commits a truly despicable act, is he his own worst judge? I wish more people knew about this picture, because it truly deserves to be ranked among the top horror films of all time, if not films in general. I wish I had a copy of this so I could do the review justice with more screenshots, but hopefully this powerful clip will do.