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Happy Halloween! Short Film: Don’t Feed the Scarecrow

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Whew! What an exhausting month, huh, guys? Well…it’s Halloween, and before you set up for your spooky party, your haunted house, your trick or treating adventure…why don’t you settle down, relax, grab a bowl of popcorn…and enjoy my little slice of silver screen horror…


A Short Video: The Seamstress

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Hello kiddies! Today I decided to feature a short film for you all to enjoy tucked under the covers when the lights go out. This one really hits home for me, seeing as my mom used to be a costumer (and even as a Theatre teacher, often finds herself sewing into the wee hours of the morning so her actors will have pretty clothes onstage.)

After a few short questions with the director, here’s what he had to say: “This project only took 2 weeks from getting the idea I was going to make a short, to publication online. That’s including coming up with the story, writing, casting, location, props, crew, shooting, editing, then post sound mixing. That’s a pretty intense schedule for a no-budget short. I’ve done 48 hour film festivals before, and this almost as challenging. On those, I only shot. This one, I was a writer, producer, director, editor and shooter. That’s a lot of hats to wear! I ended up spending about $300 total on food, props, and sfx make-up. Our actress actually spent 4 hours in makeup for shots of her face and scalp skinned off, and we never even used it! It just didn’t fit well in the final edit. The final scene was just much stronger without it!

This was directed, shot, and edited by Tyler Mann, And if you’re an enthusiastic supporter of independent film, or if you enjoyed this one, please go ahead and like it on Youtube.

Short Film: The Vampire Child

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A friend of mine, Aidan, who you might remember from my alien video I posted awhile back…sent me a link to a little project he just did of his own. It didn’t take much to get him to let me share it with all of you.

A Short Video: Aunt Marge’s Basement/The 2 AM Special

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Last night, I finally managed to upload another one of the videos I’ve worked on. This is a project I wrote and co-directed, as well as filmed, co-edited, supplied the camera and apartment for…actually, I supplied the apartment for the last one too. Anyway, it’s a public broadcast-style special with an unusual guest.


A Short Video: D-Day/Anatadaephobia

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Time for a little bit of shameless self-promoting today. I love filming, and this past semester I managed to film a short ‘horror story’, about a man with an intense fear of being watched by ducks due to a traumatic experience as a man-child.

I wrote and co-directed this piece, and hope to occasionally post other ‘horror’ themed works of my own in the future.



Edit: I remembered something kind of funny about when we filmed this, and I figured I’d go ahead and let you guys know. The graveyard we went to was pretty big, and we actually had to climb in through a broken area of the fence. Here’s the kicker…the grave we found near the back was from the late 1800s, and on the actual tombstone, there was a brand new pocket knife. I guess it was a sort of tribute to an ancestor, or something along those lines. The relevancy to our video gave everyone in the group a bit of a creepy feeling. Also…it was really windy, like…ridiculously windy. When you film in wind, make sure you have amazing audio equipment. I’m serious.