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Horror Kickstarter: Squib

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As an aspiring filmmaker, I’m always on the lookout for awesome-looking Kickstarter projects related to horror. This week, I stumbled upon a small project with an intriguing plot: independent filmmakers trying to make a low budget slasher film end up ‘cutting corners’ to get their movie made. But let the director tell you about it.


Drive-in Trailers: Giallo-ous Much?

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I have no jokes for this entry, gang, sorry. I just have a note which kind of helps clarify why I like Giallo movies and yet at the same time despise most of the splatter-trash that came out of the 70s. Giallo films tended to be a bit better in film quality, though there were plenty of god-awful attempts…there always are…but they also really made the female deaths pretty. I mean when women had to be nude onscreen, it was less vulgar and more…artistic with splashes of blood? As a heterosexual woman, this made the rampant female nudity a bit more pardonable in the genre. For me, at least. The point I’m trying to make here is that Giallo films are awesome. So here’s a few trailers!

Warning: Some trailers, especially the foreign language ones, may have explicit material unsuitable for children.


Horror Flick of the Week: Frailty (2001)

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When I hear people tell me that Matthew Mcconaughey has only recently started doing more noteworthy roles, not only do I want to slap them silly…but I have the extreme desire to list out great films he’s been in that have reached the 10+ year mark. I don’t usually go that far, because for some reason people start to zone out if you give them movie nerd lingo. But I really want to.

This one is a favorite of mine, and each week I’ve considered talking about it…then looked back and thought maybe I just couldn’t do it justice. I mean, not only does it have Mr. Mcconaughey, but it’s directed by Bill Paxton. Obviously if you’ve watched that trailer up there, you’ll note he’s in it too. It’s got Powers Boothe too, who I believe is an incredibly strong character actor in his own right. So from the get-go you’ll note it’s got a pretty strong cast.
Before I start, I want to tell you right now not to even think about looking up the ending if you haven’t seen this movie. You’ll deprive yourself of an awesome experience if you do…so I’m warning you, do not look up the ending. If you do, the god’s hand killer just might have to deal with you.
It begins with a detective who’s pretty much focused on finding this serial killer called…you guessed it…the god’s hand killer. Then out of the rain, a strange man shows up in the middle of the night. He not only knows who the killer is, but admits to being the killer’s brother. Thus the story really gets under way, as he explains his experience as a child growing up with his brother.
Oh Bill, how do you do menacing and charming so well?
They were pretty normal kids in a small town with a good father who truly cared about them. But everything is pretty much destroyed when dad comes home one day to tell them he received a message from an angel that the apocalypse is coming, and he has to kill people who are “really demons.” It really sounds just like an episode out of The Andy Griffith Show, if you think about it. Only instead of Don Knotts, the love-able supporting character is an axe and pair of old gloves. Also a pipe.
The younger brother, Adam, is all for it. But the older one, Fenton…something bugs him about this.
Obligatory Father-Son bonding moment.
I really can’t reveal any more without ruining it for you…but really. It’s just fantastic.

For a Gory Cause: Charlie Lives

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Hey guys, I’m taking a break from the regular routine of comics and reviews today to let you know about something that’s got me pretty excited. It’s an awesome kickstarter projected for a concept that I could really get behind.


You’ve got your Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Your House of 1000 Corpses. Your general classic slasher flicks that are inspired by real events, but have very little to do with them…and then you’ve got Charlie Lives. But I’ll let the page to the talking for itself.


Charlie Lives: The Family’s Return

Drive-in Trailers: HO HO HO-…rror

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As Christmas approaches, a strange chill seems to settle over the world. The carnage of Black Friday has passed, but an even greater danger waits. From his frozen lair, the beast awakens. Clawed and grinning, Kris Kringle must once more feed on the children of-…wait, that doesn’t happen? You mean he’s a completely genial symbol of a joyful holiday bringing families together to celebrate the birth of the Christian messiah, winter, and togetherness? Damn. Well, now I suppose this list of Christmas trailers is totally inappropriate…but I’ll list them anyway.

Horror Flick of the Week: Student Bodies

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Don’t let the online ratings fool you! This movie is terrible. Wait, that’s exactly what the online reviews say…okay, let me rephrase this. Don’t let the online ratings ‘deter’ you, or the fact that almost every single cast member involved with this movie didn’t want to receive any credit whatsoever for it.




It’s cheesy, raunchy, stupid, funny, at times painful…and fantastic. Fantastic in that everyone pretty much knows what they’re in is stupid, and they’re all adults…but they aren’t above acting like children, or milking DUMB gags until they’re crying for mercy. Believe it or not, this was pretty unique for it’s time. Way ahead of Scary Movie, with considerably less drug jokes. It’s a direct parody of Slasher, which wasn’t a completely formed genre yet. Coming out of the age of Grindhouse ‘masterpieces’, this film was made at the perfect time.


Honestly, completely sober, I feel drunk when I watch this. So if you think about it, I saved a lot of money sitting through Student Bodies. You could too! Unless you prefer to appreciate films merely for the sake of art and brilliance, or you’re too highly evolved for juvenile humor and pre-marital sex.


The main premise is that a serial killer called ‘Breather’ kills teenagers who have sex, usually with unique methods…like vegetables…and horse-head bookends. Meanwhile, there’s a lot of teenagers having sex all over the place. Don’t forget the janitor, Malvert, who’s actually a lot more funny and terrifying than the Breather (which is saying something. The Breather is hilarious.) The secondary premise is that everyone’s an idiot. Like Airplane…with a serial killer.

Drive-in Trailers: Men, and the Women Who Kill Them

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Throughout history, scholars and philosophers have debated on the nature of women. Do they have feelings? Are they worthy of conversation? Are they demons? While I might not think women are evil, myself being one, sometimes there’s just no debating that there are a lot of she-beasts out there, whether they like being bad or not. In fact, often times they appear to be driven towards evil. These are a few trailers to illustrate my DEADLY point. Now, you’ve really got to emphasize that last ‘deadly’ bit, or you won’t really understand just how DEADLY DEADLY can be…



It was so hard not to post a dozen more, but sadly I had to save something for the Vampire list, didn’t I?