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Podcast, Ep. 8: Happy Halloween!

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Joyous day of days, the time of year is upon us when the dead return from the graves to get drunk and eat candy. Yes, my friends. It is finally Halloween, and with Halloween (of course) comes the latest Hallowholics Anonymous podcast. This one was a doozy to get made, and unfortunately Julianne and Chris were unavailable this week. But where there’s a will, Maddy got her mom to join her for this special episode dedicated to the perfect Halloween marathon. A selection of 5 films to watch this Halloween, the topic of the marathon being campy classics. We also have a special introduction and conclusion with another future co-host, Jazlaan. So sit back, relax, and listen until your heart gives out. There are also some wig care and costume tips.

You can find Episode 08 here.


Vintage Comics: Haunted Thrills – Nightmare Mansion, Horror Hour (Cover-14)

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Halloween is sadly over, but the spirit of Horror lives on, ready to strike again next year. That isn’t relevant to this post, but I figured it was worth saying. And now for the beginning of yet another vintage comic. This one is called ‘Haunted Thrills’, and the issue features some interesting stories. Whereas the last comic had a lot of words, this one seems to make very brisk connections from one event to the next. What I do appreciate about these stories, though, is that the panels are quite dynamic. They aren’t just squares, but varying shapes, making one page look quite different from another. The first story is about a good cop and a bad house, as well as the importance of proper housekeeping. The second is about a mysterious murder, and a confusing investigation…


page807 page809 page810 page811 page812 page813 page814

page815 page816 page817 page818 page819 page820 page821 page822

Horror Flick of the Week: Love at First Bite

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Every year, my best friend and I gather a collection of our ‘traditional marathon movies’ and watch them like crazy on Halloween. The night always starts with Love at First Bite. Not only is it one of Hamilton’s funniest movies, but he’s also playing Dracula. I’d also like to add that it’s a quote-able movie, with plenty of awesome lines to go around.


The atmosphere at the beginning is great: fog, candle-light, howling wolves and Dracula in tails. In short, they’ve nailed the Tod Browning feel. Renfield is amazingly neurotic, creepy, funny, and…funny. The whole picture is nice and light, like a good appetizer before you sink your teeth into the main dish.



Dracula longs for the company of a woman, Cindy Sondheim, a model in New York. Now Dracula is pretty much always on the prowl, in any and all incarnations he’s ever taken. It’s no surprise then, that Cindy Sondheim is the reincarnation of his true love…Mina Harker. Instead of wasting away longing for her company and reading gossip magazines, though…he’s ousted by the government so his castle can be converted into a training facility for young athletes. This is the perfect opportunity to finally pursue the woman of his dreams.



And what’s an eviction notice without an angry mob of villagers?



He finds her, they spend the evening together, and then-Dracula gets to meet her psychiatrist/occasional love interest…Van Helsing’s grandson. They don’t get on.




I’ll leave all the juicy bits out for anyone unfamiliar with this movie to discover on his or her own, but chances are that if you like Tootsie…and if you like Dracula in any form…you’ll probably like this. No, there sadly isn’t any drag, but it really brings Tootsie to mind anyway. I guess it’s the time period…or the setting…or the wig. Not sure. I’ll get back to you on that.


Drive-in Trailers: Fanged Fiends

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Fanged Fiends, because ‘Vampires’ was too overdone. What’s great about these creatures, is that no two versions are alike. Some of them are bad-ass, some of them aren’t, some of them have fangs, some of them blur the lines between actually being monsters or just psychologically disturbed. The list goes on. It’s hard to define what a vampire is because they are the root of all monsters. One that was human who thrives on what still is…


Ending it on the lucky number ’13’, and saving the Hammer films…for another day.