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Selections from Calling all Girls Magazine, Issue #64

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Today I’m going to do something kid-friendly. I was digging through old magazines and comics online while I finished polishing up the last few pages of the remainder of Man in Black I’ll be posting, when I stumbled on ‘Calling all Girls’, a magazine for young girls back in the late 50s and early 60s with a delightful style I couldn’t help but be charmed by. There’s definitely something enchanting about an old magazine with more hand-drawn pictures than actual photographs.

There’s also something equally enchanting about the idea of having your kid actually organize their own Halloween party and put everything together, though I don’t doubt you’ll still have a little hand in helping them along the way. It’s very self-sufficient, isn’t it? And the ideas in the first article I selected to show off are absolutely adorable, though I would say be careful about how old your kid is before you let them bob for balloons…just in case they weren’t aware that you probably shouldn’t swallow the rubber bits.

I also picked out a spooky story in the magazine, though there was another mystery I had considered. This one had a spooky cabin, though, so I went with it. Can you imagine, though, if teenagers in modern horror were as resourceful as these two girls? I think the body counts would be pretty much 0. Warning, there may be some animal casualties in this story, read at your own risk.


Vintage Halloween Paper Dolls

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Children, small and big, arguably even adults…can be destructive. Which is why, when you find yourself a vintage Halloween magazine or game book…you may want to reconsider cutting out the paper dolls inside for a one-time spooky game of house. Fear not, those beautiful images can be appreciated outside of their antique setting, thanks to modern technology…google…and your printer.

The following dolls were some of my favorites I found browsing the web, and they’re absolutely perfect for the Halloween season.


Charlotte Ware, 1939-40



Newspaper Doll Series, 1926


Joan Walsh Anglund, 1987


Dolly Dingle by Grace Drayton, 1916


Children’s Playmate Magazine, 1958


Spooky Story Cards

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Jazlaan (whom some of you may remember as one of my regular podcast guest hosts) and I used to draw a lot of comics together back in high school. Before he moved back to Japan this year, we even came up with a new writing exercise game for 24-hour comics, which are essentially entire comic stories written and drawn in the course of one day. With a bit of tweaking, I decided the same game could be used wonderfully for anyone looking to have a scary story night this October.

Each person draws 2 cards from each pile (Nouns, Settings, Motivations). They discard 3 cards of their choosing, and use the remaining cards in their hand to make their story. You can of course come up with whatever you like, but I’ve also taken the liberty of drawing up these quick cards for you to print out. Please enjoy, and let me know just how spooky your scary storytelling turns out. I’ve included a blank slate if you’d like to use the same pattern for your own ideas.









Pumpkin Patterns (Somewhat Advanced)

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So, this year I decided to make something of my own. Sort of. I always see so many cool pumpkin carvings around Halloween, I thought perhaps I’d post a few kiddy pictures again to guide you on how to shape the perfect triangular bat or even a creepy pumpkin within a pumpkin…but then I remembered I’ve got Photoshop, and heck…plenty of adults like to carve too! These patterns are modified stills from various films, many of them featuring my favorite horror greats. For those of you who may have no idea how to proceed with your carving based off of these pictures, I tried my best to make them as simple as possible. The darker, the less you carve. So when you put a candle inside, the white parts should be better illuminated, making a great depth and shadow effect.

If your pumpkin turns out successfully spooky, please post pictures in the comments or send me an email. Heck, even if it doesn’t, I’d love to see what you guys come up with!

bela boris carradine chaney chaneyjr christopherlee masque rathbone veidt

Spooky Board Games: Creepy Hand

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I love movie magic. The ability of someone with a few camera angles and quick cuts to make something simple seem that much more intriguing. This is a UK game, so was never easily available to us over here in the states. However, the beauty of the internet makes things that once were impossible to get a hold of…quite easy.


There really isn’t too much to say about Creepy Hand, because it’s a simple premise. A battery-operated hand crawls around and points a finger at the person who has to pick the card. Kind of like ‘Would You Rather’, with a bit of an Addams Family twist. Honestly, I think I would have preferred if they’d just had Thing in a box, have it spin around inside, and flip open to point at someone…

Oh well. It’s a cute Halloween game for kids. Not rocket science. Much like ‘Ask Zandar’, the main prop is still pretty cool, even if the game isn’t absolutely amazing. There’s only so much you can do with a board game.

Spooky Coloring Pages

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Something for the kiddies today, just to remind you all ’tis the season and such. Scavenged from the dark recesses of Google images….here are just a few of my favorite coloring pages featuring the subject of things that go bump in the night. I claim no credit for these images whatsoever.

…Yes, I may have a skeleton issue. I CAN QUIT WHENEVER I WANT!


536b7dc74f71c528_vampire_coloring_pages bd2a5364cf18656e3256f0f4a8bc1abf dragon-throne halloween-coloring-page-07 halloween-coloring-pages-58 Halloween-Coloring-Pages-106 Halloween-Coloring-Pages-130 skeleton-halloween-coloring-pages-printable

Spooky Board Games: Ask Zandar

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Can it be? At long last, another board games entry? Originally marketed in 1992, this game was the kind that you’d gradually lose every piece to…except the crystal ball. That’s right, the crystal ball. Sort of like how you may not have every piece for Pretty Pretty Princess, but you’d damn sure keep that black ring.


So if you’re wondering why this little piece of nostalgia is classified as spooky, look at it from the perspective of a six-year-old little girl who clung to each and every prediction this pre-programmed talking doll in a plastic bubble made. I was going to get a phone call? 2 weeks later, I got one. HOW DID HE KNOW?!!!


1-4 players, not one of the larger interactive games, this one makes an excellent companion for a slumber party. Afterwards, maybe a bedtime story from the Necronomicon.


“Bad luck and extreme misfortune will infest your pathetic soul for all eternity. Next question.”



Picture the 8-ball, but you draw cards to ask it, then make bets on whether Zandar will answer in the positive or negative. Your goal is to collect all of your colored gems, and you only get them by getting Zandar’s answer right. You get it wrong, you lose a gem. Don’t worry if he starts talking in Latin backwards, though. That just means he’s happy.
Since it was made in the 90s, you’re not going to see much appreciation in value for a run-down copy of the game. If it popped back on the shelves, it would probably be in the 15-20 dollar range. Still, it’s fun, and it can get kids talking. That’s kind of the whole point, really, just to stimulate chit-chat. Perfect for the Halloween season.