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Spooky Board Games: Creepy Hand

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I love movie magic. The ability of someone with a few camera angles and quick cuts to make something simple seem that much more intriguing. This is a UK game, so was never easily available to us over here in the states. However, the beauty of the internet makes things that once were impossible to get a hold of…quite easy.


There really isn’t too much to say about Creepy Hand, because it’s a simple premise. A battery-operated hand crawls around and points a finger at the person who has to pick the card. Kind of like ‘Would You Rather’, with a bit of an Addams Family twist. Honestly, I think I would have preferred if they’d just had Thing in a box, have it spin around inside, and flip open to point at someone…

Oh well. It’s a cute Halloween game for kids. Not rocket science. Much like ‘Ask Zandar’, the main prop is still pretty cool, even if the game isn’t absolutely amazing. There’s only so much you can do with a board game.


Drive-in Trailers: Bad Moon, Surprising?

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I love werewolves. You love werewolves. We all love werewolves. Anybody who says they don’t are either evil incarnate, or dirty little liars. Whether that mysteriously re-occurring midnight shadow is just in our minds or a much more serious issue, lycanthropy is without a doubt one of the most disturbing…yet enjoyable…horror devices out there. In fact, there are so many…this is very likely to be one of multiple future entries featuring these delightfully hairy monsters.

On a side-note, I’d definitely advise against visiting London on the full moon. Just in case…

80s Horror Posters

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Today I decided to share some pretty graphics, and what better decade for interesting horror posters and movie covers than the golden age of camp? The 80s!






frightmare poster











Book(s) of the Week: The Devil’s Storybook

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Back in middle school, our library had a hidden room. Well, not so much hidden as restricted, but I like to imagine there was a bookcase in front of the door, blocking the secrets no 5th-6th grader should ever find themselves privy to. I was a pretty avid reader at the time, and still am, so the librarian let me sneak into the room one day and pick out any book I wanted to read.

There were so many to pick, so many delightful books with thick and embossed binding. Most of them were just kept in that room because the reading level was too high, or the copies were too valuable to let kids touch. I was one of the lucky few, the chosen ones, and I knew I had to pick the perfect book. I was told this would be my only chance…so I took a good half hour to find something I would never regret reading…

Tucked on one of the bottom shelves, with an orange-ish red binding, and looking practically new…I found it. A part of me thought this book wasn’t supposed to be there, that some evil (and magical) force had conjured it into being. After all, a middle school library with a book about the DEVIL? It was unbelievable! So I pulled it out and flipped it open, examining some of the amusing illustrations of a trickster devil often finding himself the fool of his own pranks. With some trepidation, I took the book to the front desk and asked to check it out.

She didn’t even look at the title. That same voice telling me this was not supposed to be here told me she must be seeing something altogether different than one I was. Perhaps to her a picture of a bunny rabbit snuggling a teddy bear was on the cover, or maybe a battalion of unicorns. No matter. I checked the book out, and I read it that very night. I read it once. Then the next day I read it again. And the following week or so I kept re-reading it until I had to check the book back in.

I was right, you know. Not about the book being magic…it really wasn’t. In fact, many of the stories were charming little fairy tales with a somewhat less than intimidating version of Lucifer often being made to look like an idiot. But she never did let me back into that room…part of me suspects it’s because she actually read the cover when I checked the book back in.

I’m sorry this was such a long story just for a ‘book of the week’ article, but I didn’t know how else to tell you how wonderful this little book is, and how much it deserves to be discovered again and again by anyone who’s willing to take a chance…

Vintage Comics: Horrific, Issue #1: Hangman’s Holiday & The Refugee From a Locked Cabin (Cover – Pg. 15 )

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A pretty short-running series in the early 50s, horrific has some intriguing art, and even more intriguing elements pointing out exactly the sort of thing that made horror comics so devious that parents had to protect their children from being polluted with such evils. For instance…evidence of psychological imbalances…in a child! The first story, Hangman’s Holiday, reminds me an awful lot of the first episode of Tales From the Crypt, a series that saw it’s birth in the comic format as well, released around the same period as Horrific. Our second story touches on one of my favorite subjects…revenge from beyond the crave. Honestly, this is some of the higher quality vintage horror I’ve read, and though not absolutely original (there’s no such thing as a unique story), it has the right amount of…viciousness…to make you grip at your sheets when the lights go down at night.

Horrific 001 pg 01

Horrific 001 pg 03

Horrific 001 pg 04

Horrific 001 pg 05

Horrific 001 pg 06

Horrific 001 pg 07

Horrific 001 pg 08

Horrific 001 pg 09

Horrific 001 pg 10

Horrific 001 pg 11

Horrific 001 pg 12

Horrific 001 pg 13

Horrific 001 pg 14

Horrific 001 pg 15

Horrific 001 pg 16 Horrific 001 pg 17

Horror Flick of the Week: They Live (1988)

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Often, when I want to judge whether or not someone would be the perfect movie buddy, I ask them how to finish this line: ‘I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass…’ If their immediate response is not ‘and I’m all out of bubblegum’, then we’ve got some serious issues and they’ve got some serious self-reflection to do.

Namely, they should ask themselves why the HELL they haven’t seen one of the campiest of the campy classics, ‘They Live’?!

In order to perhaps prevent others from an awkward moment such as this in the future, when seeking movie buddies for horror nights, I suggest anybody who hasn’t seen ‘They Live’ to immediately buy a pair of sunglasses and a copy of this movie. Also, any fan of classic wrestling I guess…because Rowdy Roddy Piper.

I guess I might as well give you a quick summary too, because it can’t all be gushing and criticism towards the unwashed masses, you’ve got to know what you’re walking in to. So, straight from IMDB, here’s the basic story: A drifter discovers a pair of sunglasses that allow him to wake up to the fact that aliens have taken over the Earth.

Simple, fun, and oh so deliciously campy…

The political subtext behind this film about poverty and brainwashing of the masses is so thick, it frankly isn’t subtext at all. But when you talk to other people about it, as with any pretentious horror buff, you’ve got to bring up the ‘subtext.’ You just have to. Not to mention…greatest street fight scene of all time? I think so.

Podcast, Episode 13 – Comedy Horror

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I don’t know if you guys have gathered yet, but there’s one thing Julianne/Maddy/Chris all have in common. They like funny stuff. With that in mind, we all agreed horror comedies would be an awesome topic this episode. The movies we tackle this episode are three incredible classics: Young Frankenstein, Club Dread, and Tucker & Dale Vs Evil.

Listen to our latest podcast episode here!

Finally, in the interest of independent films, we’ve also got a treat for the web-series fans out there. A trailer of a new show called ‘Low Spirits’, and it looks pretty awesome to me! (Hallow-holics are in no way associated with Low Spirits or the production of it, we just think it looks cool.)