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October 1st: Art Sherpa Inspired Painting

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Am hurriedly trying to finish the streaming list for the year, I promise! In the meantime, enjoy my October 1st pick, What We Become (Hulu)

Today I’d like to feature a video by Art Sherpa who does fun acrylic tutorials throughout the year. Below is the painting I made from her video, and below THAT is the actual video if you want to try it yourself. Happy October!

Yum Yum, Pumpkin! 10 Pumpkin Recipes for Halloween

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Now that October is finally picking up, I’ve got a hankering for some tasty treats. But I just don’t have the time to set up my camera and document the process. LUCKILY, there are some incredible online chefs out there with AWESOME party food ideas. So without further ado, my top 10 favorite pumpkin recipes for the Halloween season. Because pumpkin is so hot right now. Unfortunately, pumpkin pie will not be listed…because that’s strictly a Thanksgiving treat in my world.
I would also like to add that these people are very talented, and many of them feature even more great recipes worth checking out. So if you like what I’ve featured, please feel free to check out (and even subscribe) to their channels to support them 🙂

2014 Vintage Halloween Hotties

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Ahhhh, October at last. I already feel that last breath of warm Texas air submitting to the cooling rush of Autumn. It’s hard to believe that 12 months ago we had our last daily posting challenge. But here we are again. Today I decided to start it off with a little special treat for all of you, and a very witchy delight it is. Time again for vintage Halloween pin-ups of actresses and models from yester-year…







Halloween Portrait of Joy Hodges

halloween cyd charisse









Halloween Hotties: Vintage Pinups for October

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Halloween isn’t just a time for…y’know, doing all that stuff I talk about all the time. It’s also a great time for awesome photography. Spooky trees, interesting tombstones, ghosts…and Bombshells. From Betty Davis to Dusty Anderson, and everyone in-between. Chances are, if there’s a beautiful model or actress from the golden age out there, she’s had her own little October photo shoot. The following are a selection of my favorites.


8136646812_f8c36f14b8_h ava-gardner-vintage-halloween-pinup-sexy-witch bettydavis betty-grable clarabow2 dustyanderson e1fc41a68a7527d0fe1bf8ed4c134fd9 halloween-june-knight lillian wells Nancy Carroll veronica lake

The Myth and Mystique of Jack-O-Lanterns

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Have you ever heard the tale of Stingy Jack? You probably have, even if you don’t know it. There are a thousand different versions, though many of them don’t go by the same name or have the same main character. The essence of his story is always the same: a man tricks the devil, the man makes a bargain, the man either goes back on the bargain or runs out of time, the man can’t go to heaven or hell, then he’s stuck here. The main facet of the story that makes Jack so interesting, is his lantern. Given nothing to light his way back from hell but a vegetable or tuber (turnip, radish, beet, potato, rutabaga…) of some kind stuffed with a coal, he became ‘Jack O’ Lantern’. This translates to ‘Jack of the lantern’, if the old englishe was too much for you.


Rumor: Best version of the Stingy Jack character ever.
Rumor confirmed.



My sources tell me this was mainly an Irish story, and the Jack O’ Lantern was brought over during the potato famine. Amongst food, and equality, and complete acceptance, they also found pumpkins. The turnips, radishes, beets, potatoes, and even our poor friend the rutabaga…they were all ditched in exchange for the magnificently large and easy to carve pumpkin. By the way, the bit about equality and complete acceptance was a lie, but the pumpkins were not.


Awwww, he thinks he’s dead people.



Traditionally, Celts used to have large bonfires to keep the dead at bay on Sowan, the transitional day between Summer (life season) and Winter (death season), but luckily for us, it gradually turned into the Jack O’ Lantern. I can’t even imagine keeping a bonfire on my doorstep. Not to mention if the headless horseman had to tote a cart behind him with a giant fire in it…


From your love-able Disney company, subtly
traumatizing children since 1923.


I feel like I should give you a pumpkin pie recipe right now, but…maybe some other time.